Within 60 Seconds




Happy Mother’s Day, Nana!


Conversations with Island Boy

Island Boy:  Are you going to sit with me?

Running Girl: Yes.

IB:  Oh, thank goodness!  I thought you were not.


IB:  I love you, Mommy.

RG:  I love it when you tell me that.  It makes my heart explode!

IB:  That means it makes your heart feel good, right Mommy?


IB: Mommy, I’m going to keep you forever!


IB: My music teacher played music for us today.  We were dancing to music from I.T.

RG: Who’s I.T.?

IB: Oh, you know, Mommy, my country-I.T.

RG: Ohhhh, Aiyti!


IB: Do you think I’m going to Ding Dong School?

RG:  No.  Who said that?

IB:  Daddy did, but I don’t think I’m going to Ding Dong School.


The cat races through the kitchen.  I see IB stomping down the hallway.  Is he chasing the cat?  I’m not sure.  I call him over for questioning.

RG:  IB???????

IB:  What?  I was not chasing the cat.

RG:  Mm hmm, go up to your room, please.


Reading “Hop On Pop”

IB: Look how fast the clock is going!  Oh well, we’ll have to keep reading.

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!


–Running Girl

Conversations with Island Boy

The Major:  Who’s going to college?

Island Boy: Subway Dude!

TM: Do you have to be smart to go to college?

IB: Yes.

TM: Are you going to college?

IB: Someday.


[IB was on the phone with his cousin.]

IB: Do you think I’m cool?

Cousin: Yes.

IB: I wear my hat backwards.  If my hat isn’t cool, I turn it backwards.


IB: Can we go to that sandwich place?

TM: The one we went to the other day?  McDonald’s?



IB: I’m 6!

Running Girl: No, you’re not 6 yet.

IB: Yes, I am. What comes after 5?

RG: 6.

IB: Told ya! I’m 6!


IB: Girls love me when I do break dancing.


IB: It wasn’t me that burped.  It was Harry, the cat.  He burped.

— Running Girl

Echoing Through Silence

QMB practice.

My friends and I

are sitting, bored.

“Hey Fashionista,

go talk into

that microphone.”

I walk up to one

after convincing myself,

and loudly say, “Hi Katie” (Katie…Katie…Katie…)

The whole band

turns and stares

as heat crawls up my face.  Silence.

Hardly anyone remembers it

but me,

it still echoes in my ears.

–The Fashionista

The Barber of Steubenville

I’m half-awake and I’m listening to the Barber of Steubenville.

I can’t remember if I think his voice is really good,

Or if I have allowed sentimentality to overrun my senses.

Dino’s duende is clouding my vision.

What is it about allowing yourself to be perceived

As something less than you are?

How can this add to the one’s appeal?

“If you’re in on the joke with me,

You know it’s only apple juice,”

The man suggests with a figurative wink.

The ice cubes in his glass remind me of maracas.

“Why over-think this one?” I ask myself.

“Just lay back and allow yourself to be taken along for the ride.”

— The Major

Workplace Acts of Nobility

Today, I want to write about noble acts.  They are all around us.  If you’re lucky like me, they’re also present in your place of employment.

We spend roughly a third of our daily time in the workplace.  That’s a lot of tick-tocks.  Obviously, there are things that all of us dislike about our place of employment.  But, I hope that the positives outweigh the negatives at your job.

I work in a law firm that has about 70 employees.  It can be a very stressful environment.  The people on top set priorities for the people below.   Having someone telling you what to do is freighted with the potential for conflict.

The partners (the bosses) have the ever-present obligation to bring in more business and to maintain the business that is already in the door.  This dynamic permits all of the people in the place to take home a paycheck, enjoy benefits, and to hope for a better future.  That’s stressful as well. Continue reading