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Conversations with The Fashionista

The Fashionista and The Major clash from time to time.  Neither one wishes to admit that they are like spirits and very competitive.  After a contentious day between the two, the following colloquy took place:

TF:     Boy, you were hating on me today.

TM:   Are you accusing me of drinking the Hater-Aid?

TF:    You were drinking it and spitting it out all over me.

— The Major


All Hallow’s Eve

Let’s call ‘trick or treating’ what it really is….begging.

Bill Cosby, The Cosby Show

We had been explaining the concept of ‘Trick or Treating’ to Island Boy all day.  We weren’t sure that he got it.

We also weren’t certain if T & T started at 6:00 or 7:00.  At six, it’s still not entirely dark yet.

At about 6:15, we heard kids running through the front yard.  Island Boy observed them on the prowl, and then saw them receive candy.

Suddenly, we saw a small light bulb illuminate above his head.  Without even running upstairs to his room, he began stripping off his clothes to change into his costume.  Continue reading

Conversations with Island Boy

In the car listening to Far East Movement singing “Like a G6”:

Island Boy sings:  “Like a cheese stick.”

Much better lyrics, wouldn’t you agree?

–Running Girl & The Major

Quiz: Scary Stuff

Happy Halloween from Kay Nou.

Part One:  Screen Legends

1.  I was born in Romania (at the time Austria-Hungary).  I am the star of many horror films.  I was wounded in WWI.  As a result of my injuries, I developed an addiction to opiates which later became a heroin addiction.  I was buried in a vampire costume.  Who am I? Continue reading


I am so excited about the NYC Marathon.  I am looking forward to everything about it.

My race buddy got me a new magnet for my car after my first one mysteriously disappeared.

Continue reading

Kid Lit: The Rake Tycoon


Children’s Fiction


The Major

A long, long time ago, trees held on to their leaves all year round.  Fall and winter would come, and the trees would hold on to them extra tightly.

Sure, every once in a while, a leaf would die and fall to the ground.  These were occasions of sadness for the trees.  They would hold brief ceremonies commemorating the life of the fallen leaf.  After all, the leaf had supported the tree by capturing sunshine and air.  The leaf was then buried at the foot of the tree where it would spend eternity with its cousins, the roots.

After a week of mourning, the tree would call in the leafstress. Continue reading

St. Paddy’s Day (Chapter Five)



The Major

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Later that night, as he relaxed in his condo on the other side of town, Chandavishnu Patel, M.D. thought briefly about the incident while watching late night TV.  He was able to put it easily out his head.

He lived alone.  He had, in the past, dated a psychologist named Diane on and off.  However, at present, he was (in his buddies’ terms) playing the field.  In reality, this meant he was not seeing anyone.

Sometimes, late at night, the loneliness affected him.  Continue reading