Magic Mile

Jeff Galloway’s training plans all include time trials he calls the “Magic Mile”.  He says the “Magic Mile” is a way to determine your current potential for any race distance.

I love Jeff Galloway! If only he spelled his first name with a "G".

I am following a Galloway plan that is called “To Finish”.  That is my goal: to finish. I do not have a time goal.  I am only running to complete the race and to collect my medal.

I ran NYC in 2008. My secret wish was to beat Katie's time (5:29:58) and I did (5:11:40).

This program has me running a “Magic Mile” four separate times.  They are done on Sundays in between my “long run” weekends.

The first “Magic Mile” is to be run at a pace slightly faster than your training run pace.  I am not a runner who has a lot of gadgets.  I don’t have a Nike Plus which would tell what pace I am running.  I don’t have the more expensive Garmin that tells you your pace, plus a whole lot more.  I would like to have these trinkets, but they can cost a pretty penny.  Even on my best days it generally takes me 20 minutes to get myself out the door.  Add extra electronics and it could take me days to get out.

Without these fancy timers, I got out to the track on my first “Magic Mile” and simply ran at a pace that felt a bit faster than normal.  I timed myself by the songs I ran to on my Ipod.  I ran a 10:30 mile.

Three weeks later the next “Magic Mile” I ran a bit faster, but I still had something left in the tank at the end.  That brought me to a 9:33 mile.

OPHS where the magic happens.

Today I ran another “Magic Mile”.  It was cold and damp out.  I didn’t need much incentive to run fast. I wanted to get the “magic” out of the way and get my lard-y self home.  I ran my mile in 8:45.

The run home was scheduled to be Jeff’s run-walk-run. called for showers all day today.  I’ll bet you never noticed this, but the weather folks aren’t always super accurate.  I was treated to no rain at the track.  Running home the skies opened up.  I scrapped the run-walk-run and ran all the way home.  I was drenched.

Once home and showered, I got online to track my run.  I like as my online running journal.  There I found I hadn’t tracked all week.  It’s a challenge to remember what I did yesterday let alone what I did on Monday.  I kind of guessed at how far I ran and walked this week.

Next I cruised on over to Jeff’s website and found a pace calculator.  I plugged today’s time in and found that if all of the conditions are perfect on race day, Nov 7, I could potentially run a 4:58 marathon.  I would love that!  We shall see.  All I really care about is my medal on race day.

My favorite kind of "bling".

–Running Girl


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