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Ski Hiatus

We knew it had to happen eventually.

Sweet Fancy Moses, you can see right through the deer hoof prints to patches of grass.

This is why we ski so hard in December.  You know the thaw is coming.

It will all be back soon.  In the meantime, I guess I’ll go back to the gym.

— The Major


Conversations with Island Boy

I walked into the room where Island Boy was playing alone.  I heard him say the following.

IB: “I not playing with you anymore!”

Me: “Who are you playing with?”

IB: “Myself.”

I wonder what he did to make him not want to play anymore.

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Well before Island Boy’s arrival, there was the dream.

The dream involved a small Haitian boy on skis with the rest of his family.

The first draft of the dream involved a lime green ski suit.  That version did not come to fruition as the child was not yet ready to meet the slopes.

This year’s ski suit is navy blue.  On Tuesday, we decided to try it out. Continue reading

Nordic Poetry

Smack.  Smack. My cross-country skis hit the ground.

Click. I hook my boot into the binding.  Continue reading


Island Boy had good timing this December.  He had a growth spurt and he had some pretty serious flood pants going on.  Lucky for him Christmas was just around the corner.  He received several pairs of new jeans to go with the belts Santa brought for him. Continue reading

Island Boy Skis!

2010 in Review

Here is a review of our year in photos.

January 2010:

Minutes Before the Earthquake in Haiti Continue reading