Happy Holidays 2010

Wishing you peace, love and happiness this holiday season.


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  1. Posted by Jen Krieger on December 25, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    Loved the story! so happy for all of you! Thanks for your willingness to share.. it’s such an important story! Would love to get your thoughts sometime about schools in Haiti. Check our our work in Sierra Leone at edunations.org… maybe Haiti should be on our radar? Have a beautiful Christmas season!


  2. Dear Major, Running Girl & kids:
    Sorry I haven’t written lately–real busy with the Holidays. Hope you all had a blessed Christmas. Me and the boys and spouses had a great Christmas brunch at our house. This was special to me because Trav’s wife, Katie is of course pregnant. For the first time in 63 years, I’m going to be a grandpa! (Think I already told you). However, did I mention that if they have a girl (they don’t want to know in advance), they are naming it Allie Rose Terranova. That is very special to me because my mom’s name was Rose. It brings a tear to my eye when I think about it, so I’m obviously hoping for a girl!
    Anyway, it was nice to be able to see you and Erin last Thursday night at 5 de Mayo. Are you going to be able to get out before Thursday night? Jill and I leave for Florida and we’d like to see you before we go.
    Take care, Major!
    Buddy Joey


  3. Hey, Major –that reminds me. Remind me to tell you the Buddy Joey story next time we meet.
    Buddy Joey


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