St. Paddy’s Day (Chapter Fourteen)



The Major

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“Now please tell me where are we going?” demanded Dr. Pat in his singsong.

“Don’t you worry about a thing,” replied Mick as he drove.  “Just sit back and think of Christmas.  That’s right, you don’t do that one.  What do you call it, Dawali?”

“Mick, I don’t think I can put up with the crowd at Whiskey Dick’s tonight.  Thanks all the same.”

“Good guess.  But, you’re way off.  Just relax.  Your head has been through enough tonight.”

Pat sat back into the plump leather cushioning of Mick’s Crown Victoria.  His head still hurt tremendously.  It throbbed.  After the x-rays were completed, he still had had to answer Officer Hurley’s questions about the mugger.  He related what had happened to the best of his ability.  Wisely, the investigator had not attempted to get into the Caughlin matter on this night.  Dr. Cooney had then discharged him from the CACC.

Dr. Pat looked out at the landmarks passing by.  He then realized where Mick was taking him.  But, he didn’t say a word.  The thought of it was overwhelming.


On the elevator ride upward at Pinkman General, Dr. Pat said: “Mick, I need to tell you something important.”

Mick waved him off.  “Not now,” he said.  “My surprise comes first.”

The two men walked in to Sharon Caughlin’s room to find her husband David looking out of the window with his back to them.  He turned around.  His eyes were red. He had obviously been crying.  Dr. Pat looked across the room at the bed.  It was empty.

Dr. Pat felt his throat tighten.  All of his professional demeanor left his body.  His eyes misted up.  “You mean she’s…”

“That’s right,” said David in an equally choked up tone of voice.  “She’s fine.  In fact, she’s in the bathroom right now.”

With that, the men heard a toilet flush.  Water began running.  A side door opened and Sharon Caughlin came out assisted by a nurse.  When she saw Dr. Pat, she rushed to him and threw her arms around him in an embrace.

“Dr. Pat, I’m so glad to see you.  We were worried sick.  We heard all about you on the evening news.”

Dr. Pat was speechless.

David said: “I was telling Sharon about how you’ve been here every night, and how you were so concerned about her.  I’ve never seen a doctor give that sort of care to his patients.  Doc, you’re a rare one, indeed.”  He pumped Dr. Pat’s hand in his over-sized mitt.  “Just think, doc.  You and Sharon both fall prey to that scumbag.  I could kill him with my bare hands.”

Looking at David Caughlin it was apparent to Dr. Pat that David could indeed kill the ‘rush hour mugger’ with his paws.  “You think that Sharon was mugged?” he asked in a confused voice.

Sharon responded: “I don’t remember a thing about it.  But the police have come up with that.  Honey, what’s the name of the detective?”

“Hurley” said David.

Coming soon in Chapter Fifteen: Coming Clean with Mick.

— The Major

©2001 The Major


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