Snow Covered Roads

This morning I looked out of the window and saw a fresh coating of snow on our street.  I contemplated going to the gym to complete my long run on the treadmill.  I checked the weather and the current temperature was 16 degrees.

I decided to hit the roads anyway.  I figured the side roads, like my street, hadn’t been plowed, but surely the main roads would be clear.

I bundled up with an extra layer of clothes and headed out.  I was disappointed to find the main roads had not been well plowed.  I spent the entire run dodging traffic.  I would run on the cleared pavement found in the middle of the road until I saw a car in the distance.  I would then veer to the side of the road and into the snow.

The snow wasn’t deep. It was really more of a dusting, but it made for a sloppy run.  It was slow going.  Slower even than I like.  I tread carefully and never slipped.

I did turn around a little early.  As I was approaching the final hill before my turn around I saw how much snow was on the hill.  It looked very slippy.  I did not want to risk a car coming over the hill and have them not be able to see me.  I felt a little guilty not conquering that hill, but I’m thankful I’m here to write about today’s run.  I made up for my early turn around by adding an extra loop at the end of the run.

My legs were a little tired from my run yesterday.  I am easing into picking up the pace.  I feel myself getting stronger, even after only one week of official training.

On the bright side, I wore the right amount of layers.  I wasn’t cold at all.   I wasn’t overheated.  Perfect clothes for 16 degree weather.

This afternoon’s adventure involves tubing.  The best part about today’s activities is that I went from pajamas, to running clothes into another set of running clothes.  I’ll add snow pants and a ski jacket later.  I’ve decided that the next most comfortable outfit after pajamas is running clothes.

Today may turn out to be the perfect day, clothes-wise anyway!

–Running Girl


2 responses to this post.

  1. I am hoping that your snow someday makes it east. I missed the Christmas blizzard because I was in Virginia. I always love the first snow of the season hunkered down in my house with the fire going.

    Kudos to you for going to run even in the snow. I would look out the window shrug and sit down. LOL


  2. Hunkering down and sitting by the fire sounds pretty nice to me!



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