Conversations with Island Boy

IB was coloring a large piece of butcher paper.  I went upstairs to shower.  He came up after me.

Me: Did you clean up your coloring?

IB:  Yes, Mama.  I put it in the basement.  You will come downstairs and say, “I love you!  Thank you for cleaning for me.”

I came downstairs to find the coloring all put away!


I told The Fashionista that someone had been “chewing my ear off”.

IB: Let me see your ear!


IB, bringing his plate to me at the sink: Here you go, Princess!


IB couldn’t sleep.  He was wide awake at 3 am.  He called to me and I went into his room.  I’m so thankful for his new bed.  It’s much more comfortable to snuggle with him in the bed rather than on the floor.

I crawl into bed with him.

IB:  Can we talk?

Me: No, it’s the middle of the night.

An hour later-

IB: Can we get up now?

Me: No.  It’s still night.  Do you see how the sun isn’t up yet?  Everyone is asleep. Your friends are sleep.  Your teachers are asleep.  Everyone is asleep.

IB:  Is it morning yet?

Me:  No.  Listen, even President Obama is asleep.

–Running Girl


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