Running Inside

I have been running for 5 1/2 years now.  I have been a dedicated outdoor winter runner up until this year.  This winter has been really tough to run outside. 

It feels like the roads are perpetually snow covered and slippery.  I worry about getting hit by a car.  I’ve been heeding my nervous notions and have done a lot of running at the gym.

I always struggle running on the treadmill.  I bring my i-pod loaded with interesting podcasts.  Here’s one I must pass on to you.  It’s Steve from “Blue’s Clues” sharing a hysterical story on “The Moth” podcast. I couldn’t get off the treadmill until I finished it.  If you’re an NPR listener, I guess this would be a “treadmill moment” instead of a “driveway moment”.

I also bring a few magazines to flip through for times when I want to zone out to music.  By the way, when did magazine type get so small?

The Fashionista said, "Is that show still on?"

There are TVs on everywhere you look.  I don’t watch a lot of TV at home, so it would seem that TV might be something of a treat at the gym.  Sadly, I seem to end up in front of the screen that is perpetually playing “That’s So Raven”.  You can’t change the stations either.  Who is watching Disney Channel at an adults only gym anyway?

The treadmill at a busy gym would seem to be an interesting place to people watch.  Instead, I end up trying to avoid a former neighbor who put the “nosy” in “nosy neighbor”.  One day I had my hair pulled back into a french braid.  He came up to me, “Why are you wearing your hair like that?”  I’m guessing if I keep watching “That’s So Raven”, eventually there will be an episode giving me some tips on how to deal with this guy.

This week I ended up at the gym at a super busy hour of the day.  The only treadmills that were available were in the very front row.  You can’t really see the TVs from there.  You can’t see the rows of machines behind you.  There is a blank wall and a walkway for people to enter the workout area.  There isn’t a lot of traffic on the walkway since most people enter from the locker rooms.

Surprisingly, I discovered I like the blank wall.  I have done two runs in this front row and they both seemed to fly by.  I had my magazines and i-pod.  I used them both to distract myself. Additionally, I was also able to visualize on the blank wall.  It sounds silly, but it worked for me.  I visualized myself running a race, running with my friends and finishing strong.  I’m pretty sure this stuff works for professional athletes, so why not for me too?

I try desperately not to think about what I look like to the people on the treadmills behind me.  I’m sure it’s not a pretty site.

Today I tried not to think about how much money I dropped on my super cool new running jacket and running tights yesterday.  I got a great deal though.  40% off all winter gear, my friends!

9 degrees with a wind chill in the negatives was simply too cold for me to try out my new gear.  I’m pretty sure I have plenty of winter left in which to try my new duds.

–Running Girl


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  1. Posted by Annemarie on January 23, 2011 at 8:30 pm

    I love running on the tread…I hate running outside. But how do you read a magazine while running? I know I can’t do that!


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