Counselor’s Tales: 27 Jan 11

Today’s depositions lasted many hours.

Fortunately, there were two lighter moments.


Lawyer:  Sir, the court reporter needs to be able take down all of your responses.   So your answers need to be verbalized in the form of a nice, clear “yes” or “no” where appropriate.  This means no “uh-huhs,” “uh-uhs” or head nods or shakes.  Do you understand?

Witness: Uh-huh.


Lawyer:  And what did you say at the scene right after the accident?

My client (a bus driver):  I said that I never should have taken out that vehicle.

At this point, my other clients (the vehicle fleet supervisor and the owner of the company) and I started to sweat.  We were thinking to ourselves, “What is he going to say now?  Will he testify that the brakes were bad?  Will he state that the bus had severe mechanical problems?

Lawyer:  Why didn’t you want to take out that particular vehicle?

My client:  You see, that vehicle is #13, and I’m superstitious.  I knew something bad was going to happen.

You could hear a collective sigh of relief uttered by three men, followed by a fair amount of giggling.

— The Major


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