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Possibly the Best Octogenarian New Year’s Eve Story of All Time

Many of you have sent me thoughtful messages regarding the passing of my grandmother, Mary, on Friday.  Thank you all for your kindness.

I was asked by my dad to write the eulogy.  My sister will deliver it.

This works very nicely.  It gave me the opportunity to collaborate with my sister.

When we were comparing notes for the big event, my sister told me a great story about my grandparents that I had never heard. Continue reading


Product Review

TM:  We’re doing product reviews?  Really?

RG:  MYOB.  I wish someone had urged me to run to the nearest store to pick up a pair of these.  I’m merely spreading the good word, my friend.  You watch our site stats go through the roof on this one. Continue reading

Endangered: The American Middle Class

I know, I know.  Some of you will  be bored by this long post on”political stuff.”  But, I feel this is important.

If you’ve heard it already, please forgive me.  If not, I hope you will be enlightened.

Oh, by the way.  As a shameless trick, I have included a really cute picture of Island Boy at the end to entice you into reading the entire post.

I’m sure none of you will skip over these important words to get to the photo.

Continue reading

Island Boy Updates

  • IB is an awesome whistler.  We had a stranger comment on his whistling abilities recently. Continue reading

Descriptive Revolutions

Revolution at the Pearl Roundabout, Bahrain.

Recent uprisings in nations around the globe have captured my attention.

While there is nothing uplifting about death and violence in the public squares, fighting for a better form of government for your nation is ennobling.

I think the descriptive nouns applied to some of the revolutions are interesting and say something about the people who bring about sea change in society.

History has given us some great names such as “The Glorious Revolution” (England, 1688), “The War of Tatters” (Brazil, 1835-1845), “The Carnation Revolution” (Portugal, 1974) and even “The Red Eyebrow Rebellion” (China, 18 A.D.).

However, recent times have provided the best descriptive names for revolutions.  In fact, it seems as though the media is now racing to find colorful titles for each of the current uprisings in the Arab world. Continue reading

Conversations with Island Boy

Please let us know if these snippets are getting tiresome.

IB:  I want to get a girlfriend.

Papa:  Who will be your girlfriend?

IB:  I don’t know.  A lady.

Now, some background — Island Boy’s favorite song and video is Beyoncé Knowles’ ‘Single Ladies.’  He has also been singing Katie Perry’s ‘Peacock’ lately.  But, we’re trying mightily to discourage that one.

Papa:  How about Beyoncé?  She could be your girlfriend.

IB:  Beyoncé can’t be my girlfriend.  I can’t kiss her.  She’s too tall.

— The Major

Mary 1921 – 2011


My grandmother died today.

A few days ago, she fell and sustained a broken hip (the bane of all octogenarians).  After getting through the pain and surgery, she appeared to be on the mend.  We were hopeful.

She slipped away unexpectedly this morning. Continue reading