Fulfilling the Promise

One of my many hats is Chair, Committee on Veterans’ and Service-Members’ Legal Issues for Bar Association of Erie County.  Talk about a mouthful.  We just call it the Vets Committee.

Once a year, my committee has to put on a continuing legal education (CLE) program.  I am told that this presentation could be as short as one hour during lunchtime.

I didn’t go that way.  Our program Fulfilling the Promise: A Forum on Legal Issues Affecting Veterans ran from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Attendees received 7.0 credit hours toward their bi-annual requirement of 24.0.  Pretty spiffy, eh?

I moderated a presentation of many speakers:

Jeff Cesar -- Presenting VA Claims & Appeals

Jennifer Stergion, Esq. -- Representing Veterans, Service-Members and military families.

Nicki Slaughter -- VA Overview.

Dr. Patrick Welch -- The New GI Bill.

Dan Stegeman -- Veteran Homeless Issues.

Jack O'Connor -- Buffalo Veteran Treatment Court & the Veteran Mentor Program.

Marlene Roll -- Erie County's Veteran Services Agency.

Jessica Murphy -- Social Security's Wounded Warrior Program & Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Janet McGlone -- Mental Health Issues.

After the speakers had completed their presentations, we had a round table discussion of Veteran/Service-Member/Family-related issues.All in all, a very rewarding day.

Next event for the Vets Committee, a Memorial Day 5K Walk/Run.

— The Major


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  1. Nice to know someone truly cares for our veterans. Where does it go from here? Is anything presented on a national level? Our veterans deserve the same honor and respect they have given by serving our country.


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