Black History Month

We are a family of avid readers.  We all love to read.  Island Boy is no exception to this. I think that it is true that children want to be like their parents.  Our children have always seen us reading.  They see us daily choosing books over television.

Subway Dude and The Fashionista always had large collections of books in their rooms.  We bought books for them, shared books we had saved from our childhood and utilized our public library.

As they grew older, we saved some of their favorites and donated the rest.  We had a small collection of books when Island Boy came along.

As we waited for Island Boy’s arrival, I picked up books along the way to expand his library.  We’ve done well with what we have.  When I was off of work and home with IB, we went to the public library at least once a week.  Since going back to work, we have not made it to the library nearly enough.

Today, The Major, Island Boy and I stopped by the local bookstore.  I have been wanting to buy a few new books for IB.  Black History Month seemed like a good time to select a few I’ve had my eye on.

I was surprised that I didn’t find a display in the children’s section on Black History Month.  They had displays for Valentine’s Day and President’s Day.  I held off on a few biographies that I will get for IB when he gets a little older.  There is a nice series by David Adler that contains Thurgood Marshall, George Washington Carver, Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Satchel Paige, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jackie Robinson, Joe Lewis, Rosa Parks, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Jessie Owens and Harriet Tubman.  Some of the imagery I’m not quite ready to address.

Instead, I bought IB D is for Drinking Gourd: An African American Alphabet by Nancy I. Sanders and March On: The Day My Brother Changed the World by Christine King Farris.

I was slightly uncertain how IB would take to these books.  There is a lot of information in them. TM was giving me a bit of a hard time about buying books.  I bought them with confidence, saying I wanted them for IB’s library of books.  If you know TM, you know he likes to give his friends and family a hard time sometimes.  I secretly suspect he was on board the whole time.

I must tell you that Island Boy was completely and totally entranced with these books.  He could not stop asking questions and stopping me to look at each and every page.  “Wait!  Wait!  Lookatdat!”  and “Wow! Lookatdat!”. “Who’s dat?”  and “What’s he doing?”

These are great books because despite all of the information in the books, there are different levels in which you can read the books.  You can read the basic text and look at the pictures.  That’s what we did tonight.  Later, we will be able to read the sidebars which have a lot more history and background.

Black History Month?  Please.  We’ll be working on educating ourselves every day of the year.

–Running Girl


One response to this post.

  1. Of all the dumb things I have done, giving Running Girl a hard time about buying these books…was one of them.

    — TM


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