Mo and Aasiya Hassan at Bridges TV.

Muzzamil “Mo” Hassan was found guilty today of murdering his wife, Assiya in February 2009.

This verdict was never in doubt.

— not when Mo turned himself in to police.

— not when Mo admitted that he killed her.

— not when Mo harassed and fired one defense lawyer after another.

— not when Mo spent days taunting and fighting with the judge presiding over this case (who displayed the patience of a saint under extremely difficult circumstances).

— especially not when Mo decided to based his entire defense on blaming the victim.

Judge Thomas Franczyk

It took a jury of eight men and four women 50 minutes to convict Hassan of the charged offense.  One wonders why their deliberations took even that long.

If there is anything good to come out of this heinous crime, it is that people in Western New York judged Hassan not on his race or on his religion.  Rather, the community was incensed by the fact that he took the life of the woman who was the mother of his children.

No one in the community or in the media brought up race or religion during this trial.

— despite the fact that Hassan and Aasiya owned and operated an Islamic-based television station.

— despite the fact that that they both had Muslim names.

— despite the fact that their skin was much darker than most people in this region.

— and despite the fact that the monster Hassan sent Aasiya a text asking her to come to the TV station, hid in the dark and then stabbed her repeatedly with newly-purchased knives from Walmart before beheading her in ritualistic fashion.

Hassan served as his own lawyer at trial.

Some associate beheading of an allegedly adulterous woman with the dictates of Islamic sharia law.  For others, it is a cultural expression of honor.  In reality, it is nothing more than a glorification of the most extreme violence that one human can perpetrate upon another.

Reportedly, Aasiya had asked Muzzamil for a divorce.

Nope, this case is just not about race or culture or religion or honor.

It’s about an angry, 300-pound man deliberately using force to end the life of a much smaller and less-strong woman.


Mo and Aasiya lived nearby.  Some people we know knew them.  We did not.  She ran the local 7-Eleven convenience store located up the block from The Fashionista’s school.  We probably bought Slurpees from her at one point or another.

Aasiya had children.  They were waiting in a minivan outside the Bridges TV television station while Hassan butchered their mother and step-mother.

She was hardworking.  She was nice to her customers.  She was beautiful.

I’ll say it once again, this crime had nothing to do with race or religion.

It had everything to do with a violent man taking the life of a valued member of our community.

— The Major


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Melania on February 10, 2011 at 9:22 am

    His was the worst of abuse. I can only hope that the center for domestic violence that was set up in her honor will help people in similar situations ( I keep hearing about it but it seems there are some delays). I know there was a time when I needed the help and escaped the ultimate of abuses like hers. My heart aches for her children.


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