The Major’s Sense of Humor

Anyone reading this blog can tell that TM has an excellent sense of humor.  If you spend any amount of time with him, you will discover that he is as witty in person as he portrays in his writing.  He comes by this trait honestly.

You will also discover he has a bad sense of humor.  He likes to tease.  He sometimes says inappropriate things.  We, here at Kay Nou, sometimes roll our eyes at his jokes.

Last night, TM and I retreated upstairs early with our computers.  The Fashionista had friends over and we gave them their space.

TM began cracking himself up with some photos he found on Facebook.  I glanced over to see what was so funny.  Pictures of animals saying “funny” things.

This was so amusing to TM that it is now his Profile Photo. It said something mildly humorous, but off color enough that he had the sense to remove it for his photo.

ROFL...or not? TM thinks so.

Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t see the LOL-ness in these photos.  TM said, “I’m sending these to Subway Dude!  He’s going to love them!”

This morning, we kept Island Boy upstairs with us for as long as possible.  The girls had been up very late.

"You girls quiet down!"

Sadly, I became one of those moms who came down in the middle of the night to ask the girls to settle down.  I was nice about it, but it definitely brought back memories from when I was in 8th grade.  I know we made too much noise in the middle of the night.  These days I covet the nights I am able to sleep through the night without someone waking me up.  I was not thrilled to be woken up at 1:40 and again at 2 am.

Perhaps my lack of sleep has dampened my sense of humor?  “Not possible,” says my spouse wryly.

This morning, Island Boy watched some old “Sesame Street” clips on my computer.  TM was on his computer.  I was reading.  I heard TM cracking up.  I glanced over, hoping against hope to see what I suspected TM was cackling about.

Dad and Son

Apparently, IB thinks Burt and Ernie are pretty serious stuff. Later in the day IB was doing a pretty good impression of Burt "Doing the Pigeon".

Sure enough, TM had stopped what he was doing on his computer to watch “Sesame Street” with IB.  Burt and Ernie ARE hysterical.  They always have been and always will be.

–Running Girl


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