Product Review

TM:  We’re doing product reviews?  Really?

RG:  MYOB.  I wish someone had urged me to run to the nearest store to pick up a pair of these.  I’m merely spreading the good word, my friend.  You watch our site stats go through the roof on this one.

Okay, Kay Nou-ers.  I’m talking earbuds here.  I use my i-pod or “hi-pud” as IB likes to call it, a great deal.  I have tried several kinds of earbuds.  I finally found an awesome pair that I want to tell you about.

Here’s the pair you get with your “hi-pud”:

I do not know who these were designed for.  They slide right out of my ears the minute I put them in.  They only work for me in the deepest of the winter months when I am running outside wearing a hat that covers my ears.  The hat jams the buds into my ears and generally hold them in place.

Spring arrives and I forget about the beauty of the hat.  The buds slip and slide and I end up a very unhappy and grumpy runner.  Not good.

Here’s the next pair I tried:

This pair is pretty good.  The price is reasonable.  I think I got them at Walgreens for about $15.  I replaced a pair at Christmas after something happened to my first pair.  I can’t remember what.  I immediately used them while using the Elliptical at the gym.  I dropped them and they got wedged in the foot part of the machine.  Bah-roh-ken.

Honestly, they were okay, but once I really got into my workout and the sweat started in earnest, one earbud would start giving me agità.  It would slide in and out.  Annoying!

This leads me to my discovery:

Cue the “Hallelujah Chorus”.  Oh my gosh, these things are perfection, my friends.

I know that I have been at Race Expos where there are sales people trying to sell me something like this.  It may have been this exact product.  All I know is that I have always been laden with bags of other running necessities I have deemed crucial and have spent my hard earned money on.  At the time, I never wanted to spend the $20 on them.

I bought them on a splurge at my latest excursion to the Running Store. I felt guilty about how much I spent on my newest running tights and jacket, which were awesome purchases, by the way.  I ended up pulling my emergency $20 cash and bought the earbuds.

Great purchase.  I highly recommend these earbuds.  No worry, folks.  I am not receiving any kickbacks for this recommendation.  I just call ’em like I see ’em.

–Running Girl


One response to this post.

  1. R.G.
    Thanks for the tip! I’m going to give them a try.


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