Date Night

The Major and I have never been great about getting out together for nights without the kids.  When Subway Dude and The Fashionista were little we always struggled to find babysitters.  This time around we have no excuse.  We have built in babysitters.  It helps when one babysitter owes you some money too.

This week TM approached me and said he thought we really needed a Date Night.  I agreed before he could complete his thought.  He was surprised.  I’m not sure why.

The way our weekend worked out we ended up with a Date Afternoon today.  We had no plans all day and were able to spend the whole day together.  Some of it involved the kids, but some of it didn’t.  It was a most excellent day all around.

This morning TM and I both had workout agendas.  I had 8 miles on my training schedule and he wanted to go to the gym.  The forecast called for 6-8 inches of snow from Sat night until 7pm tonight.  When we woke up it was snowing, the plows were out, but the roads were still sloppy.  This meant the gym for both of us.

We had a lazy morning with the kids.  Bagels and the newspaper for everyone.  It was a perfect Sunday morning.

TM and I got our workouts in.  The gym has four new fangled treadmills that have been intimidating me.  TM gave me the courage to try the new treadmills.  They have individual TVs attached.  I found some mindless movies to watch.

The only downside to the treadmills were that they have time limits of one hour.  I would assume that this is so people don’t hog the machines.  I cheated and stopped the program at 3 miles.  Then I logged my final 5 miles.  TM joined me after his workout and tried out the treadmill next to me.

The next part of our day was kid-free also.  We showered and headed out to the Elmwood strip.  We weren’t set on where we were going to eat.  We thought about brunch at Cecilia’s Martini Bar or lunch at a local sushi place.  We ended up driving by Aroma.

We have been to Aroma once or twice.  We went there after I graduated with my Masters.  We had a great meal there that day.

Today, both of our meals were completely lackluster.  It didn’t matter.  We had a wonderful time enjoying the company.  We did not talk about the kids at all.

After brunch, we drove up the strip and parked again.  We walked around a bit.  We stopped at Penzey’s Spices.  TM was planning on making dal tonight and we replaced our Garam Masala.

We perused a few a few more shops.  We knocked off birthday gifts for my niece.  Yes, a little late.  As my dad liked to say, “Often belated.  Always sincere.”  We stopped in a fabulous store which only sells olive oils and vinegars.  Black Truffle Olive Oil.  Oh my.

We completed our date with a trip to Wegmans.  I love grocery shopping.  Shopping with everyone in tow is great.  Everyone gets what they need for the week.  No complaints later.  Shopping without the kids is equally awesome.

We arrived home to find IB almost asleep on the couch.  By this time it was approaching 5 pm.  IB never, ever naps at home.  As we began to unpack the groceries, TF filled me in on their afternoon.  IB had refused his lunch.  it occurred to me that I had better check on IB.

I kissed his forehead to find it quite warm.  He had a temperature of 101.  Some tylenol, gatorade, a little Annie’s Mac & Cheese and the little tyke was off and running again.

TM made his first ever homemade dal.  Fabulous.  I’ve told him he needs to publish the recipe here.  I hope he does.  You won’t be sorry!

All in all, it was a wonderful day.  TM and I spend oodles of time together during the week.  Somehow, Date Nights or Date Afternoons, really do bring you closer together.

I hereby declare that everyone out there needs to drop everything and get on the horn to their favorite babysitter.  Set up a night out for next weekend.  Please report back on how it went!

–Running Girl


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