Time Warp

I am gearing up to run the National Half Marathon in Washington DC on Saturday, March 26th.  I am excited to be running it with two friends from high school.  It should be a lot of fun.

Today’s 12-miler was the longest run in my training program.  Now that it’s over I can say it was a very nice run.  I wasn’t fatigued.  I felt strong.  I enjoyed my podcasts.

The weather?  It definitely could have been worse.  As I’ve said before, it has not been a good winter for running.  When I was out today it was in the low 30s.  It was overcast, breezy off and on and there was a mixture of snow and sleet.

The snow and sleet got to be really annoying.  I ended up wearing my sunglasses the entire time to keep my eyes from being pelted with pellets of ice.  I have very good sunglasses, but this pair tends to fog up.  As a result, I felt like I was running with blinders on.

I could only see in front of me.  Everything around me was a blur.  In a way, I may as well have been running on a treadmill.  I didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the scenery.  No matter what the weather is, it always feels better to be outside.

Around mile 5 I started thinking about how I was starting to feel pretty cold and wet.  I reminded myself about the Time Warp effect that I often experience while running.  When I am out on the road time seems to stop.  I don’t consciously think, “Oh my gosh, I have another hour to go.”  I sometimes count the miles I have run and the miles I have left.  Then, all of a sudden, the run is over.   So, there I was today feeling cold and wet.  I reminded myself that before I knew it, the run would be over and I’d be taking a warm shower.

I kept running.  I hit my turn around point and sent a text to The Major letting him know where I was.  This eliminates his phone call when I’m in the last mile of my run.  “Where are you? How much further do you have to go?”

During the second half of my run I listened to an old episode of Steve Runner’s Phedippidations podcast.  Phedippidations is a running podcast, but once a year Steve produces an episode about an annual canoeing trip he takes with his father, son and nephew.  I look forward to this episode every year.  Somehow, I hadn’t listened to this one, episode 242 entitled, Following Thoreau and the West Branch of the Penobscot. Today was the day.

It was a pleasure to be distracted from the weather by listening to a summer canoeing trip.  Steve read portions of Henry David Thoreau’s The Maine Woods which chronicles time he spent in Northern Maine in 1853.  Steve and his family traveled some of the same routes that Thoreau did.  Steve says the Penobscot River remains mostly unchanged over 150 years later.

The 12 miles flew by while I dreamed of one day taking a canoeing trip with my family.  What a fun trip that would be! I love being unplugged from the every day world and experiencing nature.  That’s a Time Warp not to miss.

Also, TM is always on my case about doing some upper body work.  I can’t think of a better way to get some cross training in.

-Running Girl


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