Miami’s Tale

It’s a short one.

Suppose you had to choose between devoting your free time and attention to your adopted son or to devoting your time to your adopted pet.  I’m pretty sure you would make the same choice that Running Girl and I made this week.

Not that Miami the Chocolate Lab wasn’t great.  She was.   She just required a LOT of time and attention.

There were issues.  Not big ones.  But issues:

  • She was scared of Subway Dude.  Every time he changed clothes (probably not often enough), Miami would bark and assume a defensive position.  She was ready to bite, if necessary.  Luckily, she didn’t.  Cheers to Subway Dude for patiently making friends with her over and over again on each of these occasions.
  • She barked.  Much.  As often as possible.  Then she barked some more.  Like in the middle of the night.  While she was lying directly next to our bed.
  • She was a charger.  We worried obsessively about her breaking free and attacking a passerby on the street.  If you know our history, an incident like this was the undoing of good old Diego the Dog.
  • She kept smashing into the window while trying to get at wild life outside.  I am old enough to realize that the window is made of glass.  It’s not a magic force field.  The glass would have surrendered to the force of a 65 pound puppy charging at it at nearly full speed at some point.
  • We had to lock her in a cage (called a “crate” in the biz) all day long while we were away.  She is a very intelligent creature.  It killed me to do this.
  • She wanted to ingest the cat.  Not that I’m the biggest fan of Sarah the Cat.  In fact, I’m no fan at all.  But, I’m not a cruel dude.  We knew that if we failed to maintain extra vigilance, we would eventually come upon a bloody carcass in the middle of the family room one day.  Then, we would have had real anguish.

Most of this could have been overcome with lots and lots of training.  But, our time really should be devoted to another project we undertook almost three years ago.

Island Boy deserves as much.

Last night, we returned Miami to the adoption agency.  They were very understanding of our situation.

We have decided to give ourselves a pass on this one.  Mistakes were made.  Let’s move beyond them.

Although we had Miami for only four days, there was grieving.  And each member of Kay Nou grieved in a different way.

Unfortunately, The Fashionista was prostrate with sorrow.  She wept uncontrollably.

I never, ever want to see my daughter in this state.  It is the worse thing in my world.  I would have done anything to make it stop.

Here’s what came out of my mouth: “Fashionista, would you like to get another cat?”

— The Major


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by stacy urick on April 7, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    Well, we have been there. Before we were married while engaged we got GEORGE as a playmate for Gracie . . .we spent 2k on training. He had explosive diarrhea on the top of his crate. He would strategically pee on the outside of his crate . . .never inside . . .he had great aim . . .on our wedding presents. He tormented John’s himilayan cats until John gave the CATS away. The final straw was not once but TWICE snapping at our then BABY Michael. We finally gave him up to a good home. It took nearly TWO YEARS . . .count your blessings and lucky stars that you were strong enough, smart enough and thoughtful enough to MIAMI that you let him go just after four days. It would have been so much easier if we had done the same. Giving George away was difficult at the time and very sad HOWEVER it is a decision that we NEVER regretted . . .even for an instant.

    In July it will be 1 YEAR since Gracie’s passing . . .it feels like 1 MONTH. I’m still not ready to even think of adding to our family . . .

    Much love . . .you did the right thing for you and more importantly Miami . . .


  2. Thanks, Stacy. That means a lot. It was not an easy decision.


  3. You made the absolute right call. Labs are generally a very docile breed, and easy to train. Miami most certainly did not have a fair shot of being raised in a loving manner. Some abuse must have been dealt in this puppy’s very young life. Forget another cat! Get another Lab puppy (8 weeks old) from a local breeder, train it and bring it up in your own loving home, and you’ll have the best dog you could ever hope for and everyone will be thrilled with your choice!


  4. Posted by lisa on April 7, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    Truly sorry Miami didn’t mesh with you guys. You so made the right decision. Love you


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