Update on Island Boy

I couldn’t leave The Major’s recent Conversations with Island Boy without an update.

TM has been gone the past two days for I-Day.  Last night I took the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart with IB.  We talked about how people like to be treated.  We talked about the importance of being loving to our family members at all times.  We practiced how we should greet one another in the mornings.

Subway Dude is very good about following the morning greetings.  We all come downstairs in the morning and greet each other warmly, saying, “Good morning!  How are you?”  Some of us are more morning people than others, but we have always insisted on these niceties here at Kay Nou.

IB and I talked at bedtime and then I pretty much forgot about it.  This morning, TM had to be out of the house before me.  I was relegated to getting IB up and to school.  It was earlier than IB is used to waking up.  He was slow to rouse.

When he finally opened his eyes, but before he even sat up, he said, “I want to say Good Morning to Papa.”  I said, “Oh?!  Great!”  As I was calling Papa in, IB said, “I want to hug Papa too.”

Papa came in.  IB greeted him, “Good morning, Papa.”  He got up, hugged him and said, “How did you sleep?”

There is hope here at Kay Nou.  Yes, indeed!

–Running Girl


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