Conversations with Island Boy

At dinner, The Fashionista was talking about what her friends were wearing to school tomorrow.  Doesn’t everyone do that?

IB was quietly enjoying his dinner.  He had his head down and was going at it.

She said a friend of hers wanted to wear yoga pants to school.  TF was trying to talk her out of it.  She said, “I mean, yoga pants aren’t for school anyway, but you could see her underwear!”

IB looks up and says, “Underwear?  HAHAHAHA!  Underwear!  UnderWEAR!  UNDERWEAR!”


I asked for a kiss and received one.

IB:  Thanks, lady kiss.


TF, IB and I were playing hockey on the back deck.

IB:  I goal-ed!


IB heard TM and I discussing “Conversations with Island Boy”.

IB: Conversations with Lion Boy????


IB apparently enjoys telling me I have stinky breath.  Listen, people, I am an avid teeth brusher.  I take care of my oral hygiene.  I told IB that he hurts my feelings when he says this.

This morning…

IB:  You have beautiful breath.


IB is learning to not bust in on people when a bedroom door is closed.  He’s a joker, like his old man, TM.

**Knock, Knock**

TM & RG: Who is it?

IB:  Subway Dude.


He must have learned this one at school.  When anyone does something out of the ordinary, IB will remark, “You’re freakin’ me out.”


–Running Girl


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by lisa on April 19, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    I Love “Lion Boy” aka IB!


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