Independent Health Comes Through!

You may have noticed that I punctuated my header with one of these (!).  I don’t whip out exclamation points casually.

A Vice President from Independent Health called me yesterday.  He indicated that he had read our blog post “discussing” our treatment by IH (click here to read).

I prepared myself as a lawyer for the verbal lashing that was to come.  At a minimum, I’d get a “cease & desist” speech, advising us to remove the post.

Instead, the Veep informed me (in a very nice manner, I might add) that our post had given him reason to revisit our case.

Picture me doing a silent happy dance behind my desk while my puzzled secretary looked on.

In short, IH came through!  The Veep promised to send us a check for the full amount of Island Boy’s treatment with the surgeon.

He pointed out that the doc had been put on IH’s approved list three days after IB’s treatment with him.  

Like a good leader, the Veep supported his team by stating that they had correctly followed the rules.

Like a corporate executive skilled in customer relations, the Veep admitted that his people had violated the spirit of IH’s mission: to deliver quality health care to its members.

I thanked the man, and told him that I would be putting up a new post praising Independent Health.  At no time did the Veep ask me to remove or amend my earlier posting.

The Veep offered no comment on the brilliance of this particular piece of satire.

My friends, this act of corporate kindness is proof of the power of blogging.  People are reading this thing that we devote so much time to.

I wrote Advertising We Can Believe In as a cathartic act.  I felt like a small player being crushed by the giant.  I wanted to turn my bad feelings into laughter.  I never sought to effect change with it.

Independent Health surprised me in a good way.

The Veep indicated that he had read some portion of Kay Nou and thought Island Boy seemed like a great kid.  I agreed.

In closing, he noted our struggle with Citizens Bank.

“I can’t do anything to help you with that one,” he stated.  We laughed.

I’m still waiting for my call from Citizens.

— The Major


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