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The Big Lie/The Big Hope

No clever pictures on this one.  Sorry.

What sustains you through the tough times?  What keeps you going?  What gives you hope?

Lately, The Major has not been posting as often as in the past.  This does not mean that I have lost enthusiasm for the project.  Not at all.

It’s just that life has been a little challenging recently.  It has seemed that my only breakfast cereal has been “Kick ‘n the Nuts” for the past few months.  Here’s your spoon, pal.  No milk today.  Eat up!

It’s a dry patch.  I’ll get through.  Things will be better than ever.  No shit.  I know they will.

I try not to go negative on this site.  Continue reading


At the Movies

The Major loves films.  But I do not particularly enjoy the cinematic experience.

I know, I know → part of that “cranky, old man” thing.

Anyhow, every once in blue I decide I want to go.

Yesterday, I called an audible at the line of scrimmage and decided to take Subway Dude and Running Girl to see “The Hangover, Part II.”  The Fashioni$ta graciously decided to babysit Jungle Child (ka-CHING).  Seemingly, all obstacles had been removed from our film-going venture.

Except for…the popcorn. Continue reading

Major Lies

You know, you can’t be loved by everybody.  And sometimes, the ones you love are the ones who will stick the jailhouse shiv in your ribs.

But it’s all good fun, right?

So, I thought I’d dispel some of the ugly and false rumors that have been started about me.

The Major hates cats.  Untrue.  I think they’re delicious. Continue reading

Forget Blondie

Talk of Rapture always makes me think of one of my favorite TV shows.  There is some swearing in this clip and maybe some other offensive stuff, so be forewarned.

–Running Girl

Conversations with Island Boy

IB, SD and I were out for a quick bite to eat.  When it was time to leave, IB decided to hide under the table.

IB:  I didn’t find anything under the table.

[Hiding his hands behind his back.]

RG:  What do you have in your hands?

IB: I didn’t find any gum.



IB:  Papa?  When’s Mothers Day for Fathers?

–Running Girl & The Major

More Help for Veterans

I have a new gig.  I have now been appointed Co-Chair, Special Committee on Veterans’ Legal Services of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA).  Up until now, I have held a similar post in my county bar association.  As they say on The Sopranos, I got a bump.

I still have my day job.  This is public service.  As some of you may know, this is my cause.

The incoming president of the NYSBA, Vincent Doyle III, consulted with me several months ago indicating that he wanted to make veterans’ issues one of the main initiatives of his presidency.  I applauded Vince for this impulse.  I indicated that I would help in any way I could.

Much to my surprise, Vince later contacted me to inform that he was creating this special committee, and that he wanted me to serve as co-chair.  I could not refuse.  Continue reading

Conversations with Island Boy

Riding in the car, IB turned to one of The Fashonista’s friends and said, “You going to be my wife?”

TF’s friend said, “Um, no?”


IB:  I’m going to get married so my wife and I can go to Rolly Pollies by ourselves.


IB:  Subway Boy!  I love you!

**He actually used the words “Subway Boy”.**


IB:  Don’t tell my brother that I love him.

[Whispered] But I do.