Conversations with Island Boy

IB:  Look!  I made a gun shooter with Legos!

TM:  Now, IB, does Mama like gun shooters?

IB:  Oh no, I mean, Look!  I made a boat.  Do you like boats, Mama?

RG:  I do.  I like boats.

IB:  Oh good.  Do you like space ships?

RG:  I really like space ships.

IB:  Okay, well, this is a boat.


SD:  What’s for dinner tonight?

RG:  Fish tacos.

IB: Tish ca-toos?

The rest of the evening we talked about our “tish ca-toos”.

SD:  Please pass the tish.  Thank you.  Please pass the ca-toos.

Tish ca-toos sounds like a Jewish holy day.


IB:  I have burgers in my nose.

RG:  Blow your nose, Island Boy.


IB discovered that we had a new faucet installed in the upstairs bathroom.

He became very excited.

IB: New water?!?

This tongue brought to you by one taste of a birthday cupcake. The rest went in the garbage.

— Running Girl & The Major


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by lisaN on May 3, 2011 at 7:12 am

    Love to start my day with a little cheer from IB


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