M Is for the Million Things She Gave Me

Thanks, Mom.  You did right by us.

Growing up, my mother was my world.  She had a big personality and a huge heart.  She watched over me and protected me.  She cared about what I was doing and how I was developing.  Although this may sound trite, she helped to make me who I am.

I had a happy childhood.  I remember my mother singing.  She sang a lot.  I can still hear the tunes in my head.  It’s probably why I love music so much.

She got her sense of humor from her mom

She joked.  The cornier the better.  Knock-knocks and pickle jokes and limericks.  You could also test out new material on her at any time.  She made me feel like I was the funniest person ever to walk the Earth.  This gave me confidence.

People liked her.  She and my dad had friends — all interesting people doing interesting things.  And she talked to anyone — salespeople in stores, service people coming to the house, neighbors.  They all liked her.

She was a good role model.  My mom and dad didn’t drink, smoke and they cooked and served us nutritious foods.  Before there were seat belts in cars, we had homemade seat belts in our cars.  My parents made us wear them 100% of the time.

She cursed.  In front of us.  Big deal.  I guess she passed it on to me.  I do the same thing with my kids.  It shows them that adults get angry sometimes.  They are human.  There are worse character flaws.

My mom was open.  She was willing to discuss her problems with you.  She encouraged you to share yours with her.

She always had a new hobby or activity going.  This exposed the kids to new things and concepts.  I suppose it also taught us to be open-minded.

She believed that it was right to stick up for the little guy.  This gave me my sense of justice.  My friends jokingly refer to me as “Saint Major” for my causes.  Mom is where that vein came from.

She was generous.  My mom gave to those in need.  She praised me when I shared.  This positive reinforcement made me feel great.

She had a lust for life.  Hers was not always the easiest life.  She had her share of knocks and losses.  Yet, she was always enthusiastic.  After 9/11/01, she developed the dream to become a police officer.  Frankly, she was too old, not physically able and probably not the right fit for the job.  But, you have to admire her spirit — she wanted to serve and protect society as she had done for her family.

Don’t get me wrong: my dad was great too.  I can’t say enough about him.  But this is not his day.

Thanks, Mom.

— The Major


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Teresa Lancer on May 8, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    Thank you! This is the best Mother’s Day card. I always loved home-made cards that are made with love. Mom


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