Looking Ahead to the Fall Already

Last night was the big Marching Band meeting to kick off the 2011 season.  The new Section Leaders were announced, as well as the Drum Major.  The students get psyched about their sections and about their big trip.  This is the “once every four year” trip to Disney in the Spring.  It was fun to see the kids so excited.

This is Subway Dude’s fourth and final year in the band.  It’s a nice feeling to be a “rising Senior”.  As for me, I was slightly embarrassed to ask someone whom to give my check to only to be asked, “Oh, are you a new band parent?”  Well, so much for trying to be involved.  Hey, I volunteer at Band Camp every summer.   I also bet if I mentioned my killer chocolate chip cookies topped with a full sized Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups she might have known who I was.  Certainly her kid would know me.

We were delighted when the Band Director announced that Subway Dude was selected to be the Section Leader for the Saxophones.  We are very happy for him.  He will make a great leader.

It is also The Fashionista’s first year in Marching Band.  She is pretty nervous about it, since none of her friends were joining.  Of course, when we got there she found a few friends who were joining.  TF has no trouble making friends wherever she goes.  She’ll be fine.

After we sat through the annual meeting, the kids broke off into their sections.  TF told us after that her section leader told a cautionary tale to everyone.  “Now you really have to be  careful with the instruments.  One year there was a kid who was running too fast to get somewhere, he tripped over the chimes and they fell on him.  Now who was that?”  Someone said, “Subway Dude?”  The sections leader said, “Oh yeah!  That’s right!  It’s was Subway Dude.”

Awesome, thought TF.

As for SD, do you think he was embarrassed?  Well, here’s his Facebook status from last night: So I have now downloaded the mp3’s of the show, sent out the necessary emails to my henchmen (ahem, section), intimidated the noob minions (ahem, section), and embarrassed my sister with my bad reputation. My work here is DONE.

So proud.

–Running Girl


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