A Recap of Our First Ride of the Season

Last summer The Major convinced me to buy a road bike.  He had discovered a love for the sport and wanted to bring me over from the Dark Side.  You see, TM has never quite embraced my love of long distance running. 

I bought myself a nice Scott bike and got out a few times last year.  I enjoyed the rides I took last year for the most part.  Let me be frank and say that on each and every excursion last year I took a spill.  I invested in the clips (pedals that physically attach to your shoes) and from the “get go” and they made me very nervous.  Invariably, I would not quite get out of my clips in time and I would fall to the ground.  I was never truly injured, but I earned my fair share of bumps and bruises.

A few weeks ago, TM and I got out for our first ride of the season.    It took a while for the weather to cooperate, but it finally did.  We had our babysitter all lined up and we were good to go.

We drove up to the UB bike path to park.  This was the busiest portion of our ride.  The bike path is about 5-6 miles long.  When the weather is nice it is crowded with runners, walkers, bikers, people rollerblading and families of all ages.

I was a little nervous on that leg of the trip.  I wasn’t confident about my clips.  There are some sharp turns and little bridges to navigate.  Add the other traffic and it can be nerve wracking.

We finished the bike path and turned toward Clarence, NY.  It was a much quieter route.  We followed another pair of bikers who were dressed in their serious biker gear.  TM has biking gear.  Mine is a mixture of running and biking gear.  My wicking running shirts work fine for biking.  Obviously, padded biking shorts are a necessity.

The other couple was going at a decent pace.  I anticipated TM pouring on the speed and passing them.  I waited and was ready to join him.  He waited for me to pull up next to him so we could ride side by side.  He told me he was enjoying the pace, so we kept at it.

Along these paths you have to cross some roads.  I was slightly disappointed to come to a stoplight only to discover this other couple was about a decade or so older than us.  TM said, “Yeah, but they looked like experienced bikers.”

This kind of outfit lets you know someone is a serious rider.

Eventually, we turned away from them and headed along the Erie Canal.  The entire route was gorgeous.  All of the rain has made for particularly lush foliage.  We were in the woods a lot.  We saw and heard a lot of birds.

We finished our ride in Pembroke, NY.  TM continued our trek beyond the trails, telling me he wanted to check out an accident site from a case he is working on.  This happens frequently.  I think I could give you a nice driving tour and show you the sites of some of the cases TM has worked on.

This site meant we had to cross a pretty big intersection.  By this time, I felt much more comfortable with the foot clips.  We crossed the road, saw the site, TM took photos and we finally headed back home.

We stopped at a bench along the Erie Canal for a snack.  I wasn’t kidding when I posted as my FB status that TM needed to get a room with his protein bar.  The way he was carrying on:  mmmmm,  MMMMmmmm, MMMMMMMM.  Okay, I get it.  Your protein bar tastes really good.  Could you please help me get my stupid biking gloves off, so I can eat my half melted protein bar?

I was thrilled when we made it back to the parking lot.  I comfortably glided to a stop and effortlessly navigated out of my clips.  Not a single fall!

We finished that 35 mile ride and I felt great.  It’s always nice to finish feeling like you could go further.  A century ride sounds like a neat challenge!

–Running Girl


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