My Father Was a Funky, B.A. Melon Farmer

Here are some pics of the man I call Dad.  Some of these photos have not seen the light of day for 30 years.

His headshot for Western Electric

He was a trainer for the Bell System (RIP). I have always wondered what this training was about.

Master of his (disco) domain.

Pretending to admire a crappy Fathers' Day present from one of my sisters.

I have always loved this shot of Dad & Mom in the kitchen.

He loved us so much that he worked with hazardous substances to build his kids a swimming pool. Note the teenaged Major to the left.

Feigning enthusiasm for yet another shitty Fathers' Day gift.

The happy couple apparently ready to step out to Studio 54.

Leading the family on a Sunday afternoon excursion in Manhattan. Those days were among my faves.

Working the pomodori with his irrascible Sicilian father-in-law. I tell you, my Dad is a saint.

Holding the wheel of the VW Van on yet another adventure across the Throggs Neck Bridge.

"Bell bottom blues, you made me cry."

Dancing with Mom at our wedding. What a happy day.

Austin, TX, 1994: Panama Jack greeting his grandson, Subway Dude, for the first time.

Up early guessed it: Fathers' Day. Ya think we could have let the poor, sleep-deprived man slumber until 8:30?

Happy Fathers’ Day, Dad.


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  1. Loved this walk through memory lane!! I need these pictures please!! Love you!


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