Provost Marshall

When my father became a grandfather he was undecided about what he wanted to be called.  We joked that his grandchild could call him Dr. Marshall.  Even immediately after Subway Dude was born my dad had not chosen a name.

As SD grew and visited with my dad, my father would entertain SD by popping his cheek with his finger.  Eventually, SD would point to photos of my father and say, “Pop!”  My dad liked it and Pop was born.

These days, IB is known to see photos of his namesake and will say, “That’s MY Pop!”  IB is still working on sharing.

My dad in his favorite reading chair.

My dad and mom in Boston at the time of her liver transplant.

My grandfather, Tom Beckwith, my sister, Eden, and my dad at our wedding.

Subway Dude & Pop sharing one of their favorite activities.

Dancing to Paul McCartney's "Baby's Request."

I inherited this running suit from my dad. I still wear it. Come to think of it, this might have been his favorite reading chair.

Gathered in the kitchen. My lovely Uncle Tony is to the right.

Happy Fathers’ Day.

— Running Girl


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