Conversations with Island Boy

The last week of school I was the parent doing drop off  in the morning.  I went into IB’s room and rubbed his back saying, “IB, it’s time to wake up.  Do you want Mama to drive you to school today?”

Eyes closed, but I got a head nod.

Me:  I chose your Batman shirt for you today.  Do you want to wear it?

Another head nod.

Me:  Do you want to get dressed now?

IB, holding up one finger, but eyes still closed:  Hold on, Mama.  I just sleep for one more minute.


On our car trip to the Smoky Mountains we introduced IB to Knock-Knock jokes.

RG:  Knock, knock.

IB:  Who’s there?

RG:  Panther.

IB pauses, trying to remember his next line.

IB:  Who’s panther?

–Running Girl


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