Random Musings

How come we say “Springtime” “Wintertime” and “Summertime,” but we don’t say “Falltime” or “Autumntime?”

All of us have been nonplussed at some time or other.  Have you ever been plussed?

If we dine in a dining room, sit in a sitting room, watch TV in a TV room and bathe in a bathroom, why do we sleep in a bedroom?

Who named the past decade “The Two thousands?”  It’s really dreadful.  I think it was oldies radio station executives.  They seem to be pushing this designation on us.

Why are creeks called rivers in Texas, but rivers are called creeks in Western New York?

Who gets to decide what the metro areas are called?  Metro New York and  Greater Toronto Area are okay.  But Chicagoland?

Who decided that the shortstop plays to the left of second base?  Why doesn’t he play to the right and the second baseman to the left?

For that matter, why are there only four bases in baseball?  Instead of a diamond, a pentagon?  One would think that the players’ union would have insisted on this one.

Why is ping pong an Olympic sport, but not pool?  You can do both in your rec room.

Why is curling an Olympic sport, but not bowling?  They both involve tossing items down lanes.

Why is tennis an Olympic sport, but not golf?  Both sports are good enough for the country club.

Why is snow boarding an Olympic sport, but not water skiing?  They both involve performing tricks on a board.

Why is yachting an Olympic sport, but not auto racing?  Both sports involve guiding complicated conveyances faster than your opponents.

Why is a saxophone considered a woodwind?  The reed is made of wood, you say?  Well then, why is the flute a woodwind?

Why does A come before B and so on?  “The Phoenicians set it up this way” is not an acceptable answer.

Are we all clear on the distinctions between cottages, cabins and bungaloes?  I’m certainly not.

Who made chocolate and vanilla the main ice cream flavors? I might have voted for pistachio and butterscotch.

Why are cinnamon and butterscotch candies frequently called mints?

Salt and pepper on every table?  How about the more flavorful hot sauce, oregano and grated cheese instead?

In setting the table, why do the forks go to the left and everything else to the right?  Is this the western world’s one concession to left-handers like me?

How come families with more members (more consumers of governmental services) pay less in taxes than smaller families?

When we want someone to do something, why do we count up to three?  Why not count down from ten like a space launch?

Why does white move first in chess?  Is it subtle racism?

— The Major


3 responses to this post.

  1. Pistachio will give chocolate a run for its money. Not sure of butterscotch 😉


  2. TM, early flutes were made out of wood.

    Love, RG


  3. Posted by Melania on July 14, 2011 at 10:12 am

    Forks are on the left because people were primarily right handed and the knife was considered the tool with with more force and fine motor skills were required for cutting food rather than placing it on the delivery mechanism….sorry another slight on the left handed! 🙂
    incidentally Europeans often metted out American spies as they were known for cutting their food with the knife in the right hand and then switch utensils to opposing hands to continue their meals.


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