Conversations with Island Boy

I do not condone this conversation, but it’s pretty typical for a 5 year old.

IB:  My big brudder is stupid.

RG:  Oh, wow.  Really?  Why is that?

IB:  He is really mean to his little brudder.  That is why he is stupid.

L to R: Mama, IB with a beard & SD


Not a conversation, but an update:

This summer IB has learned how to do a somersault under water, swim a version of front crawl/freestyle, backstroke and can touch the bottom of the pool.

We’re still working on riding the two-wheeler and tying shoes.


IB:  May I watch TV?

RG:  No.

IB:  Why not?

RG:  You already watched a program this morning, remember?  You can watch one show either in the morning or the afternoon.

IB:  Okay.  I pick this afternoon.


–Running Girl


One response to this post.

  1. Reading the list of things Island Boy has learned so far this summer really warmed my heart. Who doesn’t remember those milestones? Verrrry cool.

    Gotta say: I love the TV conversation! LOLOL….


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