Have you visited your local library lately?

I am a dork. I saw some technology recently that I was pretty excited about.  It’s probably been around for awhile, but has finally made it to Buffalo.

I haven’t been frequenting our local library as regularly as I did last summer.  I went a few times in July, but have been trying to get into a groove of going once a week.

This week I was surprised to see that the check out desk was missing.  In it’s place were three stations that were clearly self check out machines.

You pull our your library card and scan it under a red beam of light.  The computer screen pulls up your account.  You then place the books, CDs or DVDs on a flat pad.  You don’t even have to open the books up.  You can pile up to five items on the pad.

Miraculously, the items are scanned and come up on the screen.  It will tell you how many items have been scanned and if any were not scanned.

To complete your check out you can print a receipt or have it emailed to you.  Our library already has our email accounts on file.  This has been so handy because the library will send you reminders two days in advance of when your materials are due.

I love the public library.  I love these new scanners.  I only hope no one loses their jobs because of the automated machines.  I worked at our public library my senior year of high school and it was a great job.

Read, read, read!

–Running Girl


2 responses to this post.

  1. At first I thought your library got a book scanner, but then I read on and found you could scan 5 books on the scanner! This is an amazing use of technology.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. I bet I could raise the dork quotient. I’m like the regulars in Cheers at my library — my kids and I have visited our branch at least weekly since my twins were a year old (they’re now 8) so the staff greets me like I’m a member of the club. I didn’t appreciate how cutting edge we are in our Parker, CO library. We’ve had self check-out for a few years. It’s definitely not a replacement for staff; rather, it frees them to walk to the bookshelves to give us fresh ideas when we’ve read through all of our favorite authors and series.


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