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Hospice Dash 2011

Two enthusiastic thumbs up for this inaugural race.  I have the sense there are many more  thumbs up out there based on conversations I had with other runners after the race.

Western New York has two half marathons that run in the spring.  Up until now there haven’t been any fall races of that distance.  There are some in the area: Niagara Falls, Canada, Toronto and Erie, PA.  This race fits nicely into the Western NY calendar. Continue reading


Walking in the Shoes of Abraham

I guess you could call me a Lincoln stalker.  For several years now, I have gone to great lengths to walk in the footsteps of the man I call “our greatest American.”  I have traveled many miles and devoted long hours to visiting, reading and learning all there is to know about our 16th president.

Is this so wrong?

There are Trekkies.  And Star Wars geeks.  Some people have been known to follow bands like The Grateful Dead and Phish from city to city.  Adolescent girls of all ages worship the Twilight series of books and films.

Heck, we downright encourage young readers to obsess over Harry Potter. Continue reading

Conversations with Island Boy

I teach Kindergarten, so I shouldn’t be surprised that this would be a lesson that needs to be taught to 5 year olds.  Watch below to see how to turn the pages of a book.  The Fashionista said she still remembers this library lesson.

–Running Girl

Fall Running

Today is a day when a person can be truly thankful to be a runner.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect.  Clear, bright blue, sunny skies.  Temperatures in the high 50s when I started out.  It was glorious.

I got out around 8:30 for an 8 mile run.  This is my last run before my half marathon next weekend.  I was unusually tired yesterday and actually opted to skip my run.  I usually will push myself through a run when I’m tired, telling myself I’ll be thankful when I’m done.  It is rare to finish a run without even a small sense of accomplishment.  Yesterday I really wasn’t feeling it.  Instead I hit the hot tub.  This morning I was eager to get out to enjoy the day. Continue reading

What E V V

I went to EVV.  I stayed in EVV.  I tasted the nightlife in EVV.

I liked it.

On relatively short notice, I had to go to the middle of rural Kentucky to take a deposition. I’m a fan of the Blue Grass State.  I’m also a Kentucky Colonel.  I earned this prestigious title while playing golf at Fort Knox.  This designation was confirmed by Gov. Paul Patton shortly thereafter.

This title and $10 will get you a mint julip at Churchill Downs

The honorific doesn’t confer any special Kentucky knowledge.  But, my many, many trips there (military and otherwise) have informed me to a certain extent.  Let’s just say that I know where in the commonwealth that alcohol may be legally purchased, and where it can be obtained otherwise.

My KY spidey senses told me fly to Louisville and drive.  I love LoooVille.  It’s a fun town.  This route would have been doable.  But, it would not have been the smartest way of going.

A helpful court clerk in Calhoun, Kentucky advised me to fly into Evansville, Indiana.

Evansville? Continue reading

Dr. King

We are looking forward to making a trip to DC to this new monument!


–Kay Nou

I’m having trouble finding the words…

…to describe this day.

I don’t want to trivialize the occasion with melodrama.  It would be inappropriate.

Just a few things.

I awoke to sirens this morning.  It was probably an ambulance.  But, it made me recall the date (which I have been dreading for some time) in a vivid manner. Continue reading