Conversations with Island Boy

IB in his leaf hat.

Island Boy:  Guess where I went today?  THE LIBRARY!  It was sooooo cool!  I got a book for free.


IB: Mama! Mama!  I had musics today!

**Yes, that’s “musics” with an “s” on the end.


IB:  May I have some check up and mustard, please?


IB:  May I have some more…um, zombie?

We were eating lasagna.


The cat comes tearing out of a room that IB has entered.

Running Girl:  I hope you aren’t chasing the cat.

IB:  I’m not.

RG:  I wonder why the cat came running out of the room.

IB:  I was pulling his tail.


While finishing dinner IB decided to say something particularly mean to The Fashionista.  Before he was rapidly escorted to bed, TF imparted the following words of wisdom to IB.

TF:  You didn’t hurt my feelings.  What bothers me is that you were trying to hurt my feelings.



–Running Girl


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