Quiz: My Compass Is Broken

Help me out with this one.  The answers are at the bottom of the post.

  1. Which is further north, Rome, Italy or New York, NY?
  2. Which is further south, the tip of Baja California or the tip of south Florida?
  3. Which is further west, Reno, Nevada or Los Angeles?
  4. Which is further east, Clovis, New Mexico or Sturgis, South Dakota?
  5. Which is further north, Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon?
  6. Which is further south, south Florida or south Texas?
  7. Which is further west, Atlanta or Pittsburgh?
  8. Which is further east, Jacksonville, Florida or all of South America?
  9. Which state’s capital is further north, Illinois’ or Utah’s?
  10. Which is further south, Detroit or its neighbor across the river, Windsor, Ontario?
  11. Which is further west, Chicago or the western end of the Florida panhandle?
  12. Which is further east, the Atlantic or the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal?
  13. Which is the most northern state in the lower 48 states, Maine or Minnesota?
  14. Which is further south, South America or Australia?
  15. Which Italian city is further west, Rome or Venice?
  16. Which is further north, Pelee Point, Ontario or Conneaut, Ohio?
  17. Which is further south, Florida or California?
  18. Which is further south, Hawaii or Florida?

And while we’re at it, my ruler is broken too.  Which is closer to…

  1. Cairo (at the extreme southern tip of Illinois) — Atlanta, Georgia or Chicago, Illinois?
  2. Pensacola, Florida — Houston, Texas or Miami, Florida?
  3. Buffalo, New York — Detroit, Michigan or Boston, Massachusetts?
  4. Buffalo, New York — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or Albany, New York?
  5. Buffalo, New York — Washington D.C. or New York, New York?
  6. Miami, Florida — Boston, Massachusetts or the Panama Canal?
  7. Calais, Maine — San Diego, California or Dublin, Ireland?
  8. El Paso, Texas — San Diego, California or Houston, Texas?

I think you have probably figured out most of the answers by this point.  They defy your intuition.

Here they are:

Compass Questions

  1. Rome is 1 degree of latitude more northern than NYC.
  2. Baja California is more southerly than south Florida.
  3. Reno is quite a bit further west than L.A.
  4. Clovis sits in the American Southwest and further east than Sturgis.
  5. Portland, Oregon is further north than its counterpart in Maine.
  6. South Florida is further south than south Texas.
  7. Atlanta and the entire state of Georgia is further west than Pittsburgh.
  8. Jacksonville is east of all of South America.
  9. Salt Lake City is 1 degree further north than Springfield.
  10. Traveling due south of Detroit, you would cross the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor.
  11. Most of the Florida panhandle is west of The Windy City.
  12. Oddly, the Pacific entrance to the canal is east of the Atlantic’s entrance.
  13. There is an portion of Minnesota called Lake of the Woods which juts north of the 49th parallel (which serves as the northern boundary for many states, including Maine, Washington, Idaho, Montana and North Dakota).
  14. South America is further south than Australia.
  15. Venice is actually further west than Rome.
  16. Pelee Point projects southward into Lake Erie.  It is further south than Conneaut which is in the northeastern corner of Ohio.
  17. Florida is further south than all of California.
  18. Hawaii is further south than Florida.

Distance Questions

  1. Cairo is closer to Atlanta than to Chicago.
  2. Pensacola is closer to Houston than to Miami.
  3. Buffalo is closer to Detroit than to Boston.
  4. Buffalo is closer to Pittsburgh than to Albany.
  5. Buffalo is closer to Washington than to NYC.
  6. Miami is closer to the Panama Canal than to Boston.
  7. Calais (on the Maine border with Canada is closer to Ireland than to southern California.
  8. El Paso is slightly closer to San Diego than to Houston on the other side of Texas.

Thanks for playing.

— The Major


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