Conversations with Island Boy

During a bike ride around the block, Island Boy had some trouble keeping his balance:

Island Boy:  Daddy, I can’t do this.

The Major:  Sure you can.

IB:  I wanna’ turn around!

TM:  Island Boy, let me tell you a story.  One time when we were in Haiti together, you saw a boy on a bike.  You got all excited about it.  You yelled: Gade papa!  Bekan!  Do you remember what that means?

IB:  No.  What does it mean?

TM:  It means, Look, papa!  A bike!  You wanted to be that boy.

[IB looks at TM in a puzzled manner]

TM:  Island Boy, now you’re that boy.

Island Boy smiled and got back on his bike. 

He rode all the way around the block.

— The Major


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