Dreaming Big

Today I was dreaming of a few material things that I know I will never have.  It’s okay to not have everything your heart desires.  I have all of the things that really count in life.

Blah, blah, blah.

Here are a few things that I like to dream about.

#1 A Classroom Makeover

I have the greatest classroom. That, in itself, is a major blessing.  In the past I have been “Music on a Cart”, rolling my stuff from room to room.  That is not any fun, but you do what needs to be done.  I have seen teeny, tiny classrooms.  I am lucky.

It is a full sized classroom. I have shelves and cupboards and bookshelves.  I chose a beautiful lavender color for my walls.  I have a row of windows that look out on, yes, the parking lot, but also the playground, the soccer field, a track (which I dream about running on while I’m working sometimes) and some woods.

I am in desperate need of someone to come in to tell me where to put my stuff.  I need cute curtains to cover my shelving where I keep my non-essential items.  I need cute, matchy/matchy baskets to hold my instruments.  I need labels for my instruments.

I need things I don’t even know I need.  Basically, I need someone with a vision.

#2 A Treadmill and TV in my basement

I always prefer to run outside.  I will run in any kind of weather.  I like running in the rain.  I like running in the snow.  I don’t love running in the wind, but I will as long as it’s not dangerous winds.  I don’t run when there’s lightning.

I belong to a gym.  When the weather is really bad, I go to the gym and run there.  At the gym there are only 5 treadmills that have personal TVs on them.  All of the other treadmills are situated in front of  mounted TVs where you are subjected to whatever is on.

TM and I are proud of the fact that we only have one television in our house.  We rarely watch it.  I could very easily live without a TV at all.

Instead, I dream have having a secret, personal TV down in the basement.  I might be tempted to watch Oprah…oh wait, I seem to have missed that boat.  Maybe a little Ellen, David Letterman, stuff like that.  All while I’m running, of course.

#3  Baby Grand

I have no need for a Baby Grand piano.  I don’t play that well.  I don’t have a room that would easily accommodate one.  I love the idea of having one.  The Fashionista and I do play.  She plays nearly every day.  I love to listen to her play.  I hope to have Island Boy playing some day.  He’s got to get that reading thing down first.

Additionally, Baby Grands are not cheap.  We’ve got a kid heading into college next year and another one close behind.


My serious list includes:

#4 A Newly Repainted Bedroom

We saw our house for the first time back in 2001.  It was the first house we saw and I referred to it as the house with the hideous wallpaper in the bedroom.  Our realtor reminded us that wallpaper can be changed.  Here we are 10 years later and I still have the hideous wallpaper.  It looks like a green garter belt vomited on the walls.  I so hate it.

Someday I will have a nice, freshly painted periwinkle on my walls.

#5 New Bathroom Sinks

One day…

–Running Girl


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Anna on December 4, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    Running girl, do you have a laptop or a netbook? Once you get your treadmill, you could take that down to your basement and watch TV via Hulu.com or Netflix. Then your TV would be so super secret that it wouldn’t even STAY in the basement!

    I’d love to come help you with your classroom. When I started my new job last week, it was the first time I’d ever had my own room, and I spent three days rearranging EVERYTHING in it. It’s all about classroom feng shui. You just tell me when to come 😉


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