A Good Run and a Bad Run

I went to see my awesome and favorite Nurse Practitioner the other week. Our NP walks the walk.  She is fit and healthy herself.   She teaches spinning classes at our gym.  She is one of those rare folks in the medical profession who truly cares about her patients.  She takes time to talk with you and wants to get to know you.  As a result, you might have to wait, but when she gets to you she might end up asking a question that explains a symptom you didn’t think of.

While she was treating me for a nasty ear infection, she mentioned an inaugural 5K that was coming up.  She said she was running it and that I should think about doing it too.

I thought it sounded like a great idea.  I am not a big 5K runner. I like the longer distances.  Truth be told, I like running slow.  However, I have run several 5Ks with The Fashionista.  I think that’s a great distance for people who like to run fast or for a beginning or young runner.  It’s fun to run with my daughter and to get her excited about running too.  TF did not want to run this one.

By the time I went online to register, I had missed the “early bird” entry fee.  When I realized that I figured I would wait until the day of to decide for sure if I was going to run.

The weather looked perfect:  mid-40s, sunny and no wind.  I had 3 miles on my mental schedule.  I had a few hangups about running the race.  I looked up my PR, which was 6 years old.  I was kind of bummed thinking I will never be able to break that.  Why even bother?  Furthermore, TF and I had done a Zumba class on Thursday night.  I really got into it and was a little sore from working different muscles.  I was on day 3 of a headache.  I also wanted to do a Pilates class at the gym which theoretically would fit in before the race.

I have not been great about getting any cross training in lately.  I’ve been especially bad about getting anything other than cardio done.  That is not good.  Core workouts can even help running, so I don’t know what my problem has been.

I went to a Pilates class with TM Thanksgiving weekend.  It was such a shock to my system that it hurt to sneeze for about three days after.  I have since been to classes several times and seem to be getting into a rhythm.

I finally decided to take the class and run the 5K.  I told myself I didn’t care about PRs.  I would run for the fun of it.  I had a great Pilates class and was able to go home to change into warmer clothes for the race.

I got out of my car at the start line and immediately ran into my NP.  We chatted until it was time to start the race.  She said we’d meet up at the finish line.  Perfect, because I had no idea what her pace was and didn’t want to hold her up.

I would say there were about 200 runners there.  I think that is a great number for the first year of a race.  There were a lot of young kids running, and I saw them still running around mile 2.  Kudos!

Start Line

At the start of the race there were a few announcements.  They introduced a young woman who was running her 121st race of the year! Amazing!

They also announced where the course was.  I hadn’t seen any signs beforehand or online.  I was familiar with the surrounding neighborhoods and it was mostly closed to traffic.  They had signs at mile 1 and 2.

This was not a chip timed race, so I was glad I had my watch on.  I had practiced with the stopwatch feature before the race.  I am not big on timing myself during training runs, so I wanted to make sure I knew how to use it.

The race started and I was feeling pretty good.  I thought I saw my NP pass me, but I wasn’t sure.  I passed mile 1 running an 8:40 pace.  I was psyched and feeling good.

I was pretty determined to at least keep the lady whom I thought was my NP in my sights, if I could.  We had a little turn around before mile 2 and I saw it was my NP.  We gave each other a “Woo Hoo!”  and kept going.

Passed mile 2 on pace for a PR.  The final mile was rough. I started to feel kind of queasy.  I reminded myself that this was not a marathon.  I could push myself through a mile of pain.  In the past I have read that 5Ks can be tough because the whole race should hurt.  Nice.

So, I kept pushing myself, not losing the distance between me and my NP.  I definitely slowed up a bit at the end, but I was happy with the time I saw on the clock as I approached the finish.

I finished with a PR of 27:40.  That was 3 seconds off of my old PR.  Hey, not bad for someone who is now 6 years older.

That was my good run.

Cut to the next morning.  As always, I watched the weekend weather throughout the week in order to plan my long run.  Sunday morning looked to be sunny and in the high 40s.  Perfect for a nice run.

TM looked out the window and said, “Boy, it sure looks windy and cold out there.  Are you sure you want to go out for a run?”  Yes, yes, I do.  I kept thinking it couldn’t be that windy out.  My weather app showed blowy arrows starting around noon.

Oh, man, I was wrong. I  got out there and it was downright blustery.  The wind was a comfortable temperature.  It felt nice and cool.  It was just too strong.

I ran a mile and was so miserable that I actually turned around to run home.  I decided I would run a long run on Monday.  Then I remembered how busy our Monday afternoons are and how early it gets dark now.  I turned around again and kept going.

Let’s just say that it’s not a good run when you find yourself stopping to check your Facebook page and to answer a few emails while you are on a lengthy walk break.

At least the last 2 miles found the wind at my back.  I felt great as I entered my neighborhood. I contemplated adding another mile to my run, but I knew the family would be waiting for me.

I got home to find everyone was out.  I ended up waiting on the back porch for the gang to return.

At least the weather was nice.

One good run.  One bad run.  I’m so glad I got out there both days.  Both runs count, you know.

–Running Girl


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  1. Overcoming a bad run and finishing is the best training you can do.


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