Sweet Teenager

Everyone should have a child as sweet as my Fashionista.  She is so thoughtful and conscientious. I am pretty sure she has her outfits chosen days in advance. Having said that, everyone slips up now and then.  This morning, with 10 minutes until the bus shows up, TF was not dressed or packed up ready to go.

She told me her jeans were in the dryer.  I knew there was no way they would be ready, so we moved on to Plan B.  I pulled out a sweater of mine for her to wear.  I am no Fashionista, but I guess I have a few acceptable articles of clothing.

TF got dressed, but missed the bus because her lunch wasn’t ready.  She ran out of the house to catch the bus on the corner.  I threw her lunch together and brought it to her on the corner.

Could have been the end of the story.  Mom gets teenage daughter out of a jam.  Teenager accepts help as a right.  Instead I received a text message later that morning from TF that read, “You got my lunch just right.  Thanks!”

Thoughtful, right?  When I got home TF made a point to tell me that she got a lot of compliments on her sweater today.

I love my daughter.

–Running Girl


2 responses to this post.

  1. What a sweet daughter : )


  2. Posted by Lisa N on January 11, 2012 at 10:32 pm

    I started to read your post and thought in the first sentence- how ironic that my husband and I were just discussing how blessed we are with such wonderful kids. So I read your first line and thought “I DO have a child thats sweet- Im lucky too!!” Then I read on…. Im not sure Im that lucky. lol WTG Fashionista and mom & Dad for raising such an amazing young lady.


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