Conversations with Island Boy

The Major:  Who’s going to college?

Island Boy: Subway Dude!

TM: Do you have to be smart to go to college?

IB: Yes.

TM: Are you going to college?

IB: Someday.


[IB was on the phone with his cousin.]

IB: Do you think I’m cool?

Cousin: Yes.

IB: I wear my hat backwards.  If my hat isn’t cool, I turn it backwards.


IB: Can we go to that sandwich place?

TM: The one we went to the other day?  McDonald’s?



IB: I’m 6!

Running Girl: No, you’re not 6 yet.

IB: Yes, I am. What comes after 5?

RG: 6.

IB: Told ya! I’m 6!


IB: Girls love me when I do break dancing.


IB: It wasn’t me that burped.  It was Harry, the cat.  He burped.

— Running Girl


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