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Happy Mother’s Day, Nana!



Conversations with Island Boy

Island Boy:  Are you going to sit with me?

Running Girl: Yes.

IB:  Oh, thank goodness!  I thought you were not.


IB:  I love you, Mommy.

RG:  I love it when you tell me that.  It makes my heart explode!

IB:  That means it makes your heart feel good, right Mommy?


IB: Mommy, I’m going to keep you forever!


IB: My music teacher played music for us today.  We were dancing to music from I.T.

RG: Who’s I.T.?

IB: Oh, you know, Mommy, my country-I.T.

RG: Ohhhh, Aiyti!


IB: Do you think I’m going to Ding Dong School?

RG:  No.  Who said that?

IB:  Daddy did, but I don’t think I’m going to Ding Dong School.


The cat races through the kitchen.  I see IB stomping down the hallway.  Is he chasing the cat?  I’m not sure.  I call him over for questioning.

RG:  IB???????

IB:  What?  I was not chasing the cat.

RG:  Mm hmm, go up to your room, please.


Reading “Hop On Pop”

IB: Look how fast the clock is going!  Oh well, we’ll have to keep reading.

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!


–Running Girl