Running Girl & The Major welcome anyone brave enough to show up at our blog.  Yes, you will receive regular updates here about that guy – whom we refer to as “Island Boy”.  But, you will often get our rants opinions on topics which we hope will appeal to your sentiments and sensibilities.

We are a family of five in Western New York – a region that pays no heed to convention or calendars (this sounds cool; but it actually means that it is 1957 here and it can snow at virtually any time of the year).

Back to us, in 2008 we were crazy courageous enough to embark on an adventure – adopting a child from Haiti.  In 2010, the earthquake brought our long, slow process to an abrupt and exciting conclusion.  Today, our family is complete (this means that there are rarely any leftovers from dinner).

Here are the players:

The Major (TM)

Running Girl (RG)

Subway Dude (SD)

The Fashionista (TF)

Island Boy (IB)

If this blog survives any number of challenges (need for adequate time to write; our indifference; your patience; etc.), you will hear from each of these characters from time to time.  Feedback is nice.

Oh yeah, the name.  “Kay nou” is Kreyol (Island Boy’s native tongue) for “our house.”  Although IB’s Kreyol is but a shadow of what it once was, he has kept some words and expressions.  Each time we leave the house, our toddler says, “Bye Kay Nou.”  Upon return, we get “Yay!  Kay Nou.”  Kind of nice, huh?  We think so.


A Pleasant Walk After Dinner

To Meat or Not To Meat

The Battle of Green Jacket

Grandparents’ Day

The Revolution Will Be Televised (But You Can’t Turn It Off)

You’ve Got Mail


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Melissa Y on September 7, 2010 at 11:18 pm

    I love reading your adventures!! Please keep it coming.


  2. Posted by John and Dawna Mischtian, Zoe and Nick on December 27, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    Received envelope from you today and was so sad there was no family newsletter tucked inside– until I noticed your note in the back! I’m catching up on your blogs now! Merry Holidays to your beautiful family!


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