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My Rebound Christmas

It was 1974.  The golden age of electronics had not yet dawned.  Coleco’s handheld Electronic Football was still in the lab.  I was many years away from my first Radio Shack Tandy 1000 computer.

My radio had transistors.  It played songs like:

  • Come and Get Your Love by Redbone
  • Bennie and the Jets by Elton John
  • Midnight at the Oasis by Maria Muldaur


  • Jungle Boogie by Kool and the Gang

Somewhere along the way, a game called Two-Cushion Rebound caught my eye.  Continue reading


Quiz: My Compass Is Broken

Help me out with this one.  The answers are at the bottom of the post.

  1. Which is further north, Rome, Italy or New York, NY?
  2. Which is further south, the tip of Baja California or the tip of south Florida?
  3. Which is further west, Reno, Nevada or Los Angeles?
  4. Which is further east, Clovis, New Mexico or Sturgis, South Dakota?
  5. Which is further north, Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon?
  6. Which is further south, south Florida or south Texas?
  7. Which is further west, Atlanta or Pittsburgh?
  8. Which is further east, Jacksonville, Florida or all of South America?
  9. Which state’s capital is further north, Illinois’ or Utah’s? Continue reading

Derek Jeter Makes Me Feel…

…proud of his many accomplishments, including his 3,000 hits.

…like I am 11 years old again.  I am at the “new” Yankee Stadium (which is actually now the old Yankee Stadium which had just been renovated).  I am beholding a world of marvels.  The players are gods.  I have my baseball glove on.

…gratified that I have invested so much of my life in this particular sports team. Continue reading

Playing Hooky

The great thing about being the boss is that you can take off work whenever you want.

Yeah, right.  As if that ever happens.  The truth is…you end up working longer and harder than non-boss types.  At least that’s what happens if you do it right.

Virtually every day, I say to myself, “Maybe I’ll leave a little early today.”  Never happens.

On Tuesday, I kept the promise to myself.  Continue reading

Firsts and Seconds: The Answers

Thanks for taking this quiz.

Here are the answers.


  1. According to 2010 Social Security Administration statistics, the most popular names are Jacob & Emma. Continue reading

Quiz: Firsts and Seconds


  1. Currently, what are the most popular first names for a boy and a girl in the U.S.? Continue reading

Child’s Play?

Can all human behavior be explained by a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos?

Island Boy got this classic game for Christmas.  Yes, it’s exactly the same as it when I was IB’s age.  Hard plastic bowl with four hippo heads on dramatically extending necks.

The concept is simple.  Marbles are introduced into the arena.  All hippos/players attempt to eat as many marbles as possible.  I love the fact that Milton Bradley Company makes no effort to disguise the pearl-colored marbles as hippo food. Continue reading