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Dr. King

We are looking forward to making a trip to DC to this new monument!


–Kay Nou


Ch-Ch-Changes. Turn and Face the Strange.

When I was younger, I tended to over-sentimentalize change.  A departure from a summer job or the end of camp might bring about a round of farewells that was perhaps out of proportion to the actual experience.

As a middle-aged guy looking back on early experiences, I now realize that this was my manner of dealing with the anxiety of change.  As humans, we may be biologically programed to fear change and its fraternal twin, the unknown. Continue reading

Season of Mud

To paraphrase a line from a story I wrote long ago, March, April and May are the cruelest months in Western New York.

Outsiders might think that January and February fit this bill.  They are the months of intense snow fall, record-breaking lake effect events and single-digit cold snaps.  Unlike December, there is no cheery holiday to justify all the blowing whiteness.  As a lifelong Buffalonian told me when I first moved here, “We get snow even after the pretty Christmas snow is all done.” Continue reading

Time Warp

I am gearing up to run the National Half Marathon in Washington DC on Saturday, March 26th.  I am excited to be running it with two friends from high school.  It should be a lot of fun.

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Stuck Between a Bed and a Drywall

Illness continues to sneak it’s way through Kay Nou.  This weekend The Fashionista was hit pretty hard with the bug.  She spent a good portion of Saturday sleeping.

As you know, I love pajamas.  I also love sleeping.  Love, love, love sleeping.  Please don’t make the mistake of standing between me and my toothbrush around 9:30 pm.  You will be trampled by a grumpy, ready-for-bed mom-of-three.

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Gym Classes

Running Girl and I went to our gym out in suburbs today.  This unusual for me.  I usually frequent the downtown gym.

Time was, I used to get up at 5:20, pull on the pile of clothes that I had carefully stacked next to the bed, and drive the 1.7 to the gym.  I was then among the orthodox waiting for the doors to open at 5:30.

Yes, I was one of those people. Continue reading

Of Francs, Marks, Drachma, Lire and Pesetas

Going through some possessions recently, I came upon a box of coins that I had collected as a kid.  The items in the box resembled a graveyard of currency.

Since 2002, the euro has been the monetary unit for most of Europe.  It is the official currency of 17 states, and the unofficial, daily monetary exchange for five other, smaller countries (such as The Vatican and Monaco).

French francs, Italian lire, German marks, Irish punts, Spanish pesetas, Dutch guilder (and many other European currencies) are now all obsolete.  They are nothing more than collectors’ items.

However, if economic conditions continue to trend negatively in parts of Europe, we may see the reintroduction of some of these defunct currencies. Continue reading