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12 Miles

It’s windy and snowy today, so I’ll be heading indoors for a treadmill run.  Last week’s run was memorable.  I took a few photos along the way.

Look at that hill in the background. I ran up it. I hear the first 3 miles in the Austin HM are all uphill.

–Running Girl 


“Good” Goody Bag

When you sign up for a race you usually get a Goody Bag.  Some Goody Bags are not so good. Happily, this year’s Niagara Falls Marathon Goody Bag made me happy.

Here’s what you’ll find in a Goody Bag: Continue reading

A Happening Dude

Truth-telling time — we had a really challenging summer with Island Boy.

Maybe we pushed his geographic boundaries too far.  Summer 2010 was IB’s first with our family and in America.  As a result, we hewed closely to our policy of keeping our world as small as possible for his sake.  As a result, we did not take any trips away from Kay Nou.  “This is your home, and you can expect to sleep here every night.  All of your people will return here every night as well,” was the prevailing ideology.

Flash forward one year.  There were long trips to the Great Smoky Mountains, the Haiti picnic near Gettysburg and, of course,  our great western adventure.  The latter roadie was characterized by memorable segments such as: the tantrum in Minnesota; the tantrum in South Dakota; the nuclear tantrum in Iowa.

After returning home, the tantrums continued.  Continue reading

Hospice Dash 2011

Two enthusiastic thumbs up for this inaugural race.  I have the sense there are many more  thumbs up out there based on conversations I had with other runners after the race.

Western New York has two half marathons that run in the spring.  Up until now there haven’t been any fall races of that distance.  There are some in the area: Niagara Falls, Canada, Toronto and Erie, PA.  This race fits nicely into the Western NY calendar. Continue reading

Running Mojo

We spent this past week on vacation. I have had many a vacation where I have insisted on logging my miles each day.  On this trip I tried to let myself relax and not worry so much.

Whenever I take a break from running I am reminded of what I hear theater people feel.  Even very successful theater folk, those who make a full-time living at it, worry that each job will be their last.  No one will want to hire them again.

Running feels a bit like that to me.  I worry that if I take a break my body will rebel and I will never be able to run again. Continue reading

A Recap of Our First Ride of the Season

Last summer The Major convinced me to buy a road bike.  He had discovered a love for the sport and wanted to bring me over from the Dark Side.  You see, TM has never quite embraced my love of long distance running. 

I bought myself a nice Scott bike and got out a few times last year.  I enjoyed the rides I took last year for the most part.  Let me be frank and say that on each and every excursion last year I took a spill.  I invested in the clips (pedals that physically attach to your shoes) and from the “get go” and they made me very nervous.  Invariably, I would not quite get out of my clips in time and I would fall to the ground.  I was never truly injured, but I earned my fair share of bumps and bruises. Continue reading

Playing Hooky

The great thing about being the boss is that you can take off work whenever you want.

Yeah, right.  As if that ever happens.  The truth is…you end up working longer and harder than non-boss types.  At least that’s what happens if you do it right.

Virtually every day, I say to myself, “Maybe I’ll leave a little early today.”  Never happens.

On Tuesday, I kept the promise to myself.  Continue reading