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Echoing Through Silence

QMB practice.

My friends and I

are sitting, bored.

“Hey Fashionista,

go talk into

that microphone.”

I walk up to one

after convincing myself,

and loudly say, “Hi Katie” (Katie…Katie…Katie…)

The whole band

turns and stares

as heat crawls up my face.  Silence.

Hardly anyone remembers it

but me,

it still echoes in my ears.

–The Fashionista


Sweet Teenager

Everyone should have a child as sweet as my Fashionista.  She is so thoughtful and conscientious. I am pretty sure she has her outfits chosen days in advance. Having said that, everyone slips up now and then.  This morning, with 10 minutes until the bus shows up, TF was not dressed or packed up ready to go.

She told me her jeans were in the dryer.  I knew there was no way they would be ready, so we moved on to Plan B.  I pulled out a sweater of mine for her to wear.  I am no Fashionista, but I guess I have a few acceptable articles of clothing.

TF got dressed, but missed the bus because her lunch wasn’t ready.  She ran out of the house to catch the bus on the corner.  I threw her lunch together and brought it to her on the corner.

Could have been the end of the story.  Mom gets teenage daughter out of a jam.  Teenager accepts help as a right.  Instead I received a text message later that morning from TF that read, “You got my lunch just right.  Thanks!”

Thoughtful, right?  When I got home TF made a point to tell me that she got a lot of compliments on her sweater today.

I love my daughter.

–Running Girl


The Fashionista and I enjoying playing piano duets together.  Here’s one for you to enjoy.  Not perfect and we’re both looking extremely serious, but it’s fun to share.



–Running Girl

Meet the Cats

I have been repeatedly accused of hating cats.

Once again, I do not hate cats.  I just hate these cats.

Placing my feelings aside, I have decided to introduce you to the cats of Kay Nou.


Name: Sarah

Age: I’m thinking about 11 (how long do these animals live anyway?).

Sex: Female (doesn’t really matter as there ain’t nothing going on).

Body type: Getting skinnier (a combo of purging and being a victim of food theft by the other cat). Continue reading

Looking Ahead to the Fall Already

Last night was the big Marching Band meeting to kick off the 2011 season.  The new Section Leaders were announced, as well as the Drum Major.  The students get psyched about their sections and about their big trip.  This is the “once every four year” trip to Disney in the Spring.  It was fun to see the kids so excited.

This is Subway Dude’s fourth and final year in the band.  Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

No parent is able to remember each and every moment in their child’s life.  We remember snippets of things.  Little things stand out in our minds.  Some keep journals.  Some blog.

One moment I distinctly remember from Subway Dude’s Pre-K was Valentine’s Day.  SD hated and I mean hated to write.  His handwriting was not neat.  He did not like to take the time to put pen to paper. Continue reading

Which Is Worse?

  • Smoking a cigarette and texting while driving or having an unstrapped child floating around the back seat while driving?
  • Tossing trash out of the window of your car or throwing recyclables into your garbage?
  • Leaving a party without saying good-bye to your host or showing up at the party empty-handed? Continue reading