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Random Musings

How come we say “Springtime” “Wintertime” and “Summertime,” but we don’t say “Falltime” or “Autumntime?”

All of us have been nonplussed at some time or other.  Have you ever been plussed?

If we dine in a dining room, sit in a sitting room, watch TV in a TV room and bathe in a bathroom, why do we sleep in a bedroom? Continue reading


Quiz: Firsts and Seconds


  1. Currently, what are the most popular first names for a boy and a girl in the U.S.? Continue reading

Santa Quiz: The Answers

Thanks for playing.  Click here for the quiz.

1. A.  St. Nicholas of Myra was born in Asia Minor, now Turkey. Continue reading

Quiz: Scary Stuff

Happy Halloween from Kay Nou.

Part One:  Screen Legends

1.  I was born in Romania (at the time Austria-Hungary).  I am the star of many horror films.  I was wounded in WWI.  As a result of my injuries, I developed an addiction to opiates which later became a heroin addiction.  I was buried in a vampire costume.  Who am I? Continue reading

Quick Quiz: 22 October (Answers)

Wow.  This Quick Quiz was really popular.  It got a tremendous number of hits.  We’ll have to do this again soon.

Here are the answers:

Continue reading

The Answers: Spin-Offs

I hope this game brought back some memories for you.

  1. Cheers→Frasier.
  2. The Tracey Ullman Show→The Simpsons. Continue reading

Game: Spin-Offs

A television show that spawns another is called a spin-off.

In the game, name the parent show to the spin-off.  Or, if required, give the name of the spin-off(s)

Example:  ____________→The Facts of Life.

Answer: Diff’rent Strokes.

Give it a go. Continue reading