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Things that I Do that Drive The Major Crazy

  • I routinely do not screw the lids tightly onto bottles.  The Major will sometimes reach for a jar, only to gape in amazement at the lid in his hand.  The contents are on and around his shoes.
  • Mentioning the words “ultra” and “marathon” together in the same sentence is a no-no.  As, I’ve recently discovered, is “trans-American bike trip”. Continue reading

Things That I Say That Cause Running Girl To Roll Her Eyes Back Into Her Head

The pool gate was absolutely fine when I left for work this morning.  Obviously, someone manhandled it.

Amy Winehouse’s death is hardly shocking.  The only real mystery was: when was it going to happen?

Where do you want to go for dinner?  [RG then responds with a perfectly good selection.]  How about another place?

Mozart was a trained monkey.  Ray Charles is a much bigger genius. Continue reading

Two Sides of It: Sleepovers (Running Girl)

I have very fond memories of sleepovers from my childhood.  My first sleepovers were with my grandparents.  Every summer my sister and I would spend a week at our grandparents’ house in Pittsburgh.  We both have very fond memories of those visits. Continue reading