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Yeah, We’re Growing.

Running Girl and I have been invited to post on

Here is my post called “The Skin Game.” (click here).

Please check it out.

We have not abandoned our Kay Nou site.  We’re just diversifying a bit.

— The Major

A Remarkable Day

Have you ever wished you could  bottle a day and hold it forever?  Perhaps when you are feeling down or dissatisfied, you could open the bottle and take a swig.

I don’t mean to get all Jim Croce on you.  But, yesterday was that day.

Like many of you, Running Girl and I try to spend time with our family during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  It’s a magical time of year.  Christmas preparations are done, the toys are opened, and hopefully returns are held to a minimum.

It’s time to play with the toys and spend time with those closest and dearest to you.

It is also a great time to get in the car and do family activities.

Rochester's high falls on the Genessee River. We learned how water power influenced the city's early industries.

Yesterday, all five members of Kay Nou got into the family vehicle to travel to Rochester, NY for a day of fun and learning.  Continue reading


The teenagers play the shotgun game every chance they get.

You remember this game — first player to call it, gets to ride in the front passenger seat.  Except, it doesn’t count if you call it before the last player has left the house/store/building/stadium/etc.

Those are the basics.  The players may then stipulate to further rules and restrictions governing who gets the front passenger seat for the ride.

Often, The Fashionista and Subway Dude forget that I, as driver, am the final arbiter, and there are no appeals from my rulings.  I can also use my awesome power to override the players in an arbitrary and capricious manner.  For example, I can decree that my girlfriend, Running Girl, gets to ride next to me. Continue reading

Blog Break

The Decline of America

The Major and I have noticed a disturbing trend here in WNY.  We suspect it may be a trend that is sweeping the nation.

We have come to accept the fact that Americans are not known for their fashion sense when running every day errands.  It is not uncommon to see people at the grocery story in pajama pants.  I suppose you could call this a fashion choice, but some might call it lazy.

Continue reading

Running Mojo

We spent this past week on vacation. I have had many a vacation where I have insisted on logging my miles each day.  On this trip I tried to let myself relax and not worry so much.

Whenever I take a break from running I am reminded of what I hear theater people feel.  Even very successful theater folk, those who make a full-time living at it, worry that each job will be their last.  No one will want to hire them again.

Running feels a bit like that to me.  I worry that if I take a break my body will rebel and I will never be able to run again. Continue reading